dvd/cd RW drive does not autodetect

Windows XP professional does not auto-detect my drive. However, once I got to the hardware panel, and do detect changes, it shows up. I've gotten to the point where I made a shortcut on my desktop that does this for me.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem to this? If so, did you find a solution that was more elegant than redetecting hardware every time you reboot?
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  1. Check you have the latest drivers installed from the burner manufacturer's website. Check the burner is seen by BIOS and Windows.

    Check the ribbon cables, and the cs/ma/sl jumpers are set up properly! :)

    If that does't work, we'll have to think up a Plan B
  2. Well, it detects and burns properly once I do a detect new hardware. It detects in bios. As far as drivers goes, I think I've got the latest ones.

    edit: flashing it didn't fix it. lol Just glad it didn't wreck it. :O
  3. When you are in Hardware making changes, make sure you are logged in as an Administrator.

    Is this a fresh Burner from another PC, or has it always been in your current system working OK until now. :wink:
  4. Yeah, I'm in admin mode. hehe

    I'm not sure if this isn't just simply a problem with the dvd/cd rom burner itself. I've tried drivers and flasing the bios.

    I'm thinking its just a minor problem I can ignore, just like I have for 2 years. Just figured I'd ask since I'd just registered on this forum, and figured maybe someone had a similar problem :)
  5. I am having the exact same problem with the computer I am working on here at work. The only difference is is that the OS is Win98, and its a fresh OEM install. The hardware inside this machine has never been touched since its creation in '99 and windows has only been reladed once, by us here. All the drivers are right, the cables never removed, windows installed with no problems, the burner's old, but stock and reads without any problems as soon as its detected by the OS.

    Seems like this is a microsoft problem spanning decades. I'm sure many people have run into this problem, but I can't seem to find if anyone fixed it anywhere. This is particularly frustrating for me, as I have to release this computer to the owner, and I don't want it to be broken when I give it back.
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