Stable temp range for Core 2 Duo?

I tried searching for this but didn't find anything so....

I was wondering, what is a good temperature/temperature range for a Core 2 Duo E6600(or anyother c2d) that is not overclocked?
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  1. the temp range of the C2D's are like, um, really, really, cold (like -1000C or something really cold like that.) to about 65C. normal temps for an idle E6600 should be around 45C depending on the room temps.
  2. haha, thanks, but -1000 C doesnt exist............
  3. Quote:
    haha, thanks, but -1000 C doesnt exist............

    It's obvious you've never pi$$ed off my gf.

  4. The typical good range for a non overclocked E6600 is between 35C while idle and 50C under load.

    My stock E6600 ran fine at temps up to 70C without throttling. The heatsink wasn't seated properly.
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