USB 3.0 cases roundup

Hows about an article that compares the current Case offerings that have usb 30 i/o
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  1. Will forward this along to the editorial guys. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Good idea! It would be nice to see what cases out there actually have USB 3.0 ports included, especially for those planning new builds in the immediate future, i.e. with Intel and AMD's new chips coming out.
  3. jpishgar said:
    Will forward this along to the editorial guys. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. any chance this got done? I'm in the exact position mentioned above where I'm trying to do a new build and having trouble figuring out the best option with my only real criteria being that it has USB 3.0 on the front. I'd love to see a roundup that shows me some pros and cons and specifies how many USB 3 there are up front.
  5. yeh im still on the search, unfortunately for me the best options price wise seem to all be in the USA but not common in Australia. I have added a HDD dock to my list of case requirements... the best value for money seems to be...

    the rosewill thor V2

    and the

    COUGAR Evolution

    if you don't want a HDD then the best buy is the COOLER MASTER Storm Enforcer
  6. I'd also like to see this article, so I'm adding my vote.

    So far I've found the Cooler master HAF 932(~$150) and the Thermaltake Armor A60(~$90) but I hadn't seen the cougar evolution, and that looks nice.
  7. The problem with those cases is that they only have one usb 3, which generally means they expect you to run a cable through the back of the case instead of using the onboard header which each support 2 usb 3's
  8. If you already have an above average case you may find adding a USB 3 drive bay into a spare cd drive space is the way to go. Top case manufacturers usually have an after market accessory for things like this.
    I have a Silverstone Temjin tj10 and my next pc upgrade(ivy bridge) I will just add Sliverstone FP36 to one of the spare bays instead of spending hundreds on a new case.
    I am sure Lian Li or Antec or other pc case manufacturers would have a similar product in their lineup
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