x1950 / 7600GS / 7600GT ALL AGP, PSU question

Will a Task 450W, 24amp on 12v rail. Run any of the following cards?

ATI x1950 Pro 256mb agp
Nvidia 7600GS / 7600GT

My system is:

Athlon64 3000+ winchester
1x 1GB DDR stick
1x DVD Rom
1x Floppy
1x PCI Lan card
2x case fans (120m antec lanboy)
1x HD 7200rpm

I do any of them will run, im looking to upgrade from a 9600 pro :oops:

thanks in advance.
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  1. sure why not
  2. The 7600's for sure you are OK. I think all three would be fine as your system is not that loaded down with just 1 optical drive and 1 HDD. The wierd thing is ATI recomends a 30A 12v rail and 450W PSU which takes into account a loaded system. Yet, the X1950 pro uses less power than the X1900XT which they listed 26A. I still think you are fine given your specs.
  3. I do hope so, im really planning to go get a x1950, its just ive been getting mixed messages regarding my psu. the 7600GT cost the same as the x1950 in my country so its either the 7600gs or the x1950..
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