I'm having some trouble with conection timeouts.
Sometimes I have to fully refresh (ctrl+f5) more than 10 times a webpage to make it work.
Most times, I get the "Page cannot be found" error.
I'm on an ADSL connection... tried reseting it several times, no use.
I have 2 computers at home (laptop and desktop)... getting the same error from both.
I recently came back from a 25 day trip.... before the trip, this wasn't happening.

Any tips on what it might be?

ADSL is connected thru a Modem/Router, thru a Wireless Router. Still, no modifications were made on their setup.

Anyways, any tips you have to solve timeout problems, just throw at my direction!

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  1. what browser are you using?
  2. Using Maxthon... I'm really fond of it's grouping options.
    But already tried pure Internet Explorer, and Firefox... timeout problems still there.
    Strangest thing it came out of nowhere... like I said before, same configuration a month ago, and no problems back then...

    Maybe it's time for me to contact my ISP.... pain in the *. :/
  3. or try tracert in command prompt, (in assories)
    "tracert www.google.com"
    or replace www.google.com with any ip address out there, if there is a dead place tell your isp
  4. Is your adsl line staying up?

    You indicated you have 2 routers connected in series.
    Make sure the Gateway, and DNS info is being passed through.

    You can test the DNS by
    ping (This is Yahoo)
    then ping yahoo.com

    The ip ping does not use a dns server.

    If you ADSL connection is using static settings, there dns may have changed or is having a problem.
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