New Gaming Rig parts, need suggestions plz!

Ok guys, after a few posts, i think im finally ready to push the checkout button (or buttons because im buying from multiple vendors), I want to put my parts list down for any helpful ones who have helped me already to critique and comment on, or give me additional suggestions. Special Props go out to Doughbuy and Mpilchfamily, Thanks guys for your help :)

Estimated Budget $4000.00, Current Spendature $4001.00 (dont ask me how i got that close)

Tiger Direct buying:
QX6700 Kentsfield Quad Core
eVGA 8800 GTX (x2 wanted to wait for AC3 cooling on the eVGA Cards but getting impatient and no release date in sight)
eVGA 680i SLI Mobo
Creative X-Fi Fatality Sound Card
Windows 2005 Media Center OEM (Vista Upgrade)

Approx: $2960.00

Directron buying:
Corsair XMS2 Dominator PC2-8500 C5 2 gigs
Cooler Master Premium Heat Paste (supposedly Shin Etsu)

Approx: $412.00

e-WIZ buying:
CM 80 Stacker Black (one of the only places i found it in black)

Approx: $240.00

Sidewinder buying:
Scythe Infinity HSF
1 Delta High Performance 120mm fan (for front of C80 Stacker)
2 Scythe 120mm Fans (for top of C80 Stacker and for opposite side of Sythe Infinity)
2 Thermaltake Blue LED 120mm fans (for side panel, hopefully it looks neato! :)

Approx: $139.00

PC Power & Cooling buying:
Silencer Quad 750W PSU (nobody else sold the quad)

Approx: $250.00

I already have:
21" Dell LCD
Plextor DVD Burner
Liteon DVD Reader
Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Speakers
10,000 RPM WD Raptor 70g HDD's (x2 in raid, if i run out of room ill buy a storage HDD later, but 140g should tide me over for a while)

I decided to go with fan cooling as apposed to water cooling because i want to see if I can get good results with fans first, if not then i can go back and water cool my video cards and CPU later as an upgrade.

With this system do you think i would be able to do a fair amount of OCing and have a system that lasts for a while?

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated greatly :)
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  1. *bump still need some help guys :)
  2. Have you found any reviews that show the QX6700 is a better gaming CPU than the X6800?
    (I assume you're building a gaming box by the SLI 8800GTXs)
  3. ditch the QX6700 im not even kidding it will most promisingly screw you up the $ss alot of people are having Huge issues OC'ing this thing save your money with a 6600 like what im doing i have mine at 3.4GHz and for at least 6-8 months the difference between 2 and 4 cores wont matter unless you do Hardcore video editing other then that, pretty good
  4. hmm, i guess the QX6700 is kinda a waste of money, but there doesnt seem to be anything that the $500 could be put towards, maybe a watercooling system, $500 should be enough to build a pretty good one. if you have the cash i would say to stick with the QX6700, although if you want to water cool the X6800 is almost as good.
  5. GAH! Im confused. I heard that DX10 games might be utilizing the quad cores sometime soon. If thats the case than my SLI 8800's will be bottlenecked by my processor when that happens if I go with something that is not a quad core potentially. I dont want to spend 4k and then upgrade 6months to a year later, thats just ridiculous to me.

    I would love to save that money and just buy a 6800 extreme but that would only be like 200 dollars to save for something that may be fast but not created for the future.

    Now i have a huge wrench in my works, :(

    Is that the only thing that you guys think I need to change in my part list?
  6. X6800 sounds more reasonable. Not many programs and utilities use dual-core processing let alone quad. Whatever floats your boat, either one will do. That sound card, blow it out. An X-fi Xtrememusic does the same quality for about 100-120 less. I know for overclocking factors, that you can push the X6800 farther, most likely up to 4 gigs, but watercooling is recommended.

    Otherwise, looks good. Looks like you got money to spend. Have fun :D
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