BOSE uses USB Connection?

Anyone have comments on the new Bose Companion 5 series speakers, if they are worth the $400? They use a USB connection, wondering if that neutralizes the need for a good sound card? Or any Sound card for that matter, assuming the motherboard has built in support.
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  1. Are you considering for decor (looks, size) or sound quality? Because I personally would not consider Bose if you are buying it for sound. $399 for a 2.1 system is quite hefty, and Bose is not known for sound quality or high quality materials, rather, it's a product created for living room decor and brand awareness.

    Essentially it's like spending $150 on a Gucci shirt, vs $50 for a less-known brand with better materials. It really depends on your priorities.
  2. It's Bose for gods sake, of course it's not worth the money. People just buy Bose for bragging rights and to look sexy. I'm not biased against Bose either, I own a $1000 Bose Acoustimass 10 home theater system in my basement hooked up to a $500 Onkyo 501 reciever, and it really isn't worth the money at all. My mom just got sucked into all the BS they told her.

    Anyways, no. It's not. It might sound good compared to low end 2.1 speakers, but I can almost gaurantee you it doesn't sound as good as the Logitech Z-2300 or Z-5500, both of which are well under $400.

    I'm actually not sure if the sound will still be processed by the soundcard or if it will go through built in motherboard audio. USB is a weird way of doing it. I'd rather have a good soundcard with proper connections...
  3. I agree with both astrallite and Nova46, although I have to admit I am one of the knuckleheads that put out $400 for the Companion 5 series! But, unlike previous series, the Companion 5 uses a USB connection. My verdict? They sound pretty darn good. Then again, my last speakers were a $30 Altec Lansing set!

    What bothers me about Bose is that they keep proprietary the exact specifications of their speakers, thus making it difficult for apple to apple comparisons. They claim that a USB connection provides better circuitry for computer speakers. I have no idea whether that's true or not. I wonder if other companies will follow with their own USB speakers? If so, it would seem to be a significant threat to Sound Card makers like Creative, who might need to remind people why it is necessary to keep spending $100, $200, $300, on Sound Cards.
  4. BOSE is all looks with a huge price tag. Go with Creative or Altec Lansing if you want quality.
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