striker Xtreme review on Hardocp

i was a bit shocked to see the review of striker extreme on hard OCP ASUS Striker Extreme Review
the guys there say that ASUS told them that there has been some issues with the bios (Version 0403 ), my question is if this board really sukcs hen it comes to overclocking, why shoudl one buy it with E6600, ?????
why wouldnt one should go with eVGA 680i>????, or the bios revision would wipe away the overclocking bottlenecks in the board.
I am kinda only a day aay from buying the final componenet for my system and i had my eyes on it (striker extreme) but after reading the review i have doubts beginning to pop up.


the otehr components are
corsair dominator PC6400C4D - 800Mhz
please justify, i i would really appreciate that some one who had personal experience on striker extreme should post some his/her thoughts :)
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  1. The S E Bios is still not mature. Every Asus MOBO I have owned starts off performing good but ends up performing excellent. I think the S E will be no different. I think the eVGA board was released prematurly. It is less costly but the Mobo is the neervous system of your computer and an extra $75 or so for a, perhaps The critical componnent is a rig that may cost well over $2500 is a good deal.
    I am choosing the S e for a different reason however. To me the solid capacitors throughout the assembly are worth it. Remember that with RoHS lead free solder has to be used and with lead free solder comes 25 degrees C higher soldering temps which will reduce the life of many componnents. Solid capacitors will give back some of that RoHS lost reliability.
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