Can I have 1 GB RAM with 1 512 MB RAM stick on my laptop


I have an HP Laptop with 512 MB DDR-II 667 RAM on my laptop.
When I want to procure 512MB DDR-II 667 RAM it is not available and I can procure 1GB DDR-II 667

The mother board has 945PM chipset.

Can I have both these RAM's on the motherboard
will there be a conflict?

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  1. There might be a conflict, as it is a laptop, I am sure you need matched pairs of RAM.

    To make sure, check your mobo manual carefully, or Google it.
    Good Luck
  2. Kingston Memory selector

    Crucial memory configurator

    Put your model in there, it'll tell you what you can put in. Works every time!

    Might sound stupid but make sure you have 1 512meg and not 2X256 in the llaptop...
  3. Quote:
    There might be a conflict, as it is a laptop, I am sure you need matched pairs of RAM.

    Not true. I have a 1GB SODIMM + 512MB SODIMM on my Compaq. The only possible issue is that not having 2 SODIMMs of the same size *may* mean the laptop will run the memory in single-channel mode rather than dual-channel mode. Check your laptop manual and/or HP tech support to find out if your laptop can run memory in dual-channel mode, and if so, do you need to have same-sized memory modules to do so.
  4. How much performance difference I get if it is not running in dual channel mode.
  5. It all depends on the apps you are running, your CPU, your CPU's FSB speed, and the memory bus speed. In general under Windows, having lots more RAM will improve things more than going from dual-channel to single-channel will hurt things, because you can minimize the VERY slow swapping of memory to the hard disk.
  6. if you add a 1 gb stick to your 512 stick aldeady in place the computer will only run as fast as the smallest stick so you wills still be running at the same speed with more memory, i would get a match set of 1 gb sticks and replace the 512 gb stick. this will give you the 1 gb speed and the added memory. make sure your mother board will support that much ram first.
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