Should I used the onboard sound or my old Audigy card?

Hi guys

I'm building a new rig that's based around the Asus P5N32-E SLi 680i motherboard. This board comes with an integrated 7.1 ready SupremeFX sound card. Is this better or worse than my existing SB Audigy 2 Player sound card? I'm not sure which one I should use?


Graham :)
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  1. If you´re playing games the audigy would offer you some EAX features which the onboard sound doesn´t. That´s about it, i think.
  2. Ahh okay thanks, I wasn't sure if the onboard sound would support EAX or not.

    Audigy 2 it is then. :)
  3. If you are running vista know that EAX is not supported. As far as I know, only OpenAL is supported as hardware direct sound and the vista creative drivers do support OpenAL. So if your game supports OpenAL and you run under vista, the audigy will still be good. If you running vista and the game does not support OpenAL, it wont matter what you use as you will only get a software dolby mode at best.
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