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I am wondering if we should get some sort of comedy section going here on Tom's. Nothing big or fancy but just enough to keep people interested. I am a firm believer that every website should have a "shits & giggles" section. As for explicitness and whatnot, well, that would be up to the mods...

Reason i say this is because back in my Everquest days i had made a guild website. We had about 150 active members in our guild and the ones who frequented the "Comedy" section were the ones that usually stayed in the guild the longest. In fact, there were a bunch of us who became very good friends in real life and we used to plan trips to meet and party once a year. I still talk to many of them till this day...

Whatever brings the community closer together will only make it stronger...
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  1. Where would it go? Somewhere under Beyond the Keyboard? What would it cover? Just comedy stand-up, or sit-coms, jokes, stand-up, and everything in-between?
  2. Free game, people can post on or off-topic, explicit or non-explicit (if allowed of course), etc...

    Things like:

    Funny pictures (either taken by the user or not)
    Funny stories
    Funny experiences
    Funny links

    Anything that one would think people within the community would find humorous. I will get into more details later as i am swamped at work for a few more hours...

    If it were me, i would create a whole new section much like "Beyond the keyboard" but label it "Comedy Section, enter at your own risk" or something.
  3. I think this use to be called the Old Man/Woman Club!!
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