I cannot access my old hard drives with a new windows 7 upgrade

I recently upgraded my computer with a new solid state drive and a fresh copy of windows 7, was previously running XP. The install was eventually successful and the computer turns on and runs fine. The old C drives (they were two disks linked together) is now listed as the F drive, but windows 7 won't let me access the drive, saying "you need to format this drive).

I was worried that I had somehow broken them, I moved my system back to the original configuration (with the two drives in slots 0 and 1) and xp booted and ran just like it used to.

What could cause my old drives, now in slots 2 and 3, with my new drive in slot 0, to show up in windows 7 but say they require a formatting?
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  1. If you remove your old hdd from the sata port where the spanned volume is created from, you will lose it. I suggest plugging it back to where it was to let it run xp and put ssd to other port and use window fix disk to fix boot record before you run window 7 from ssd.
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