Advertising!?! I used to love this site :(

I used to read very regularly, especially in the days of Voodoo2 etc.

Now it just looks like a pile of advertising with few new articles and the tone of everything has been dumbed down.

Why do you have ad pages that I have to click on before viewing things? Why so much intrusive advertising?

Moving over to other sites that don't hide their content behind ads. It's not like you've even made a decent site, it looks ***.
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  1. There's really no more ads than any of the other major hardware news sites, and these do help to pay for bandwidth costs and reporting. If you run into any ads that you find intrusive, please don't hesitate to post here and let us know.
  2. Get Firefox/Chrome + AdBlock Plus
  3. I agree with Shadow- if you want to minimize the ads or get rid of them completely, go with one of those browsers with adblock. When I use FF with Adblock, there are no ads or pop ups.
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