WinSat.exe - Bad Image error

Hi All,

My Windows 7 experience Index needs to refreshed, but I'm getting an error message saying:

WinSat.exe - Bad Image
C:\Windows\System32\wmvxencd.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains errors. Try installing the program again using the original installtion media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.

Is there a way to reinstall "WinSat.exe" without reinstalling my os?

System specs:
I7 975@3.33Ghz-A70 Cooler - X58A-UD7 - 18GB DDR3@1600 - SB X-FI Titanium - Croosfire XFX 5870 1gig - 120 ssd Main & 1.5gig Storage - HAF932 Case - BFG1000W psu - Win 7 Pro 64bit - Hp"27" Led Monitor.

Main use: Gaming/SQL 2008 for work

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  1. You could just copy from windows DVD or try a windows repair. Or if it was me I would just disable. You don;t need it, you know your computer is fast its nothing more than a bragging tool for the most part.
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