Pci input device driver free download

my PCI input cant update and i think it will fix through this website
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  1. Need info on your computer!
  2. Hi there and welcome to Tom's Hardware,

    Give us a little more info about your problem, including your MB, Model#, what windows version are you using Win-7 32 bit, 64 bit, Win-XP, and what is the type, make and model # of your imput device? Then we can put the pieces together and hopefully come up with a solution
  3. Dell Inspiron 8400 running windows 7 32 bit
  4. I need the latest PCI input device driver
  5. Hi Duane,

    The Dell 8400's came out in about 2001 with Windows XP.
    Please tell us the OS you are using, if all the Service Packs are installed as well as the Windows Updates., and the problem you are having.

    Also if it occurred after installing new hardware, like a new PCI board, or after an SP update.

    Then someone can cone in on the problem and help you find a solution.
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