Is overclocking difficult?

I have the E6300 with the intels stock fan. My RAM is the Corsair XMS2 Pro series.....x2 512mb (1GB total) ddr2-533. I am looking to up my total ram to 2GB. Should I get another kit (2 sticks of 512mb) or get 1GB sticks (total of 2GB ram)? Should I stick with the ddr2-533 or go up to ddr2-667? I was told that the ddr2-533 RAM, optimizes the e6300 with its FSB. I have the Gigabyte DS3 mobo. The reason Im asking is, if I do plan on overclocking, what would be recommended (RAM). Im undecided of overclocking because Ive never done it. I was thinking of getting a e6600 but a few people said to overclock the e6300 instead of waisting $300 and the shared 4mb L2 cache isnt worth it.
My games have been chugging and its getting to me now. My system is only a gaming system.

*the reason why i got the e6300 in the first place was because it was my first build and if anything went wrong, at least I didnt kill a very expensive processor*

Can anyone give me easy instructions on how to overclock? (enough to boost performance but definatly not over 3GHZ or to place my computer in a dangerous state). If I do decide I will copy all instructions down.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read/answer and guide me.
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  1. oc-ing is easy, check wusy's guide, it'll help. you still have some headroom with the 533 ram, but you'll need faster (800mhz) ram and an aftermarket hsf to get to 3ghz.
  2. Ok thanx guys. I will check wusy's and study it a bit.
  3. Overclock is easy as ABC ...

    But the problem with your setup is your 533MHz RAM ... you could still loosen the timing, bump some voltage and overclock beyond 667MHz ... but it'd be difficult to overclock close to 800MHz ... but it won't hurt to try ... just make sure you do lots of MemTest when overclock memory ...
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