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Hi, I´ve been thinking this a lot and always happens when I want to search for a product review when there are comparations charts I need, It always turns tedious to "navigate" comparing game per game charts, going through every page and most of the times it is better to just look at the charts and continue, almost always forgetting last data I just checked IN THE SAME ARTICLE (AA enabled or not?, Highest or medium settings), that´s why I have come up with an idea to present data in just one place in a simpler and better way.

My example goes for Vidcards and I used the last article about GTX 570 REVIEW here in Tomshardware.

http://img403.imageshack.us/i/proposition.jpg/] Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I hope this helps this site to get a cleaner presentation in future articles.

PD of course in my proposition there is much to be done but it is the big picture of what I am proposing, it took me just 20min to make the .xlsx file, still the comparation was so much better.
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  1. I like it. I'll pass it along to the devs. Don't know how feasible or possible it is to present excel-style charts in HTML though, it's worth looking into. :)
  2. Thank you, let's see if they like it too, I think this would be a great implementation at the end of the review along with the conclusions, from there you'll see the big picture of the product you are interested in.

    About Excel, I only used this program because is the only office program I have, but of course it can be implemented in other formats, Flash for example where you can choose wich products to add for comparison, so in this way you always get what you are looking for, HD 6870 vs 5870 or gtx580 vs hd 6970 vs hd 5970.
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