Overclocking with the ASUS P5N32-E 680i mobo ?????????

Hello. I am unsure what values to set for the voltages of the mobo components. I know my ram needs to be set at 2.1 volts. However, what about the rest of the components? Here is a link to a picture that shows some values that some random person was trying on their own. For an E6600, what values would be good to use to get an OC that is between 3.3-3.6? Any information from users with this board or anyone who knows in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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  1. Use wusy's overclocking guide and this nvidia 680i OCing guide too.
    GL on your Striker vanilla :wink:
  2. Thanks
  3. Sure man, PM me with your overclocking results and if you have any trouble :D
  4. I will and thank you. I don't currently have all of the stuff right now, I am waiting for the mobo I want to come back in stock. Ugh I hate waiting =)
  5. Hi JCBananas2 :D I myself have an E6600 cpu and Asus P5N32-E 680i mobo and have never overclocked anything in my life, so I'd like to swap notes with you at some point so that I can "optimize" my rig, is that okay?

    My cooling consists of an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro hsf and an Antec 900 Ultimate Gamer case with fans all over the place. Will that be okay?
  6. Sure that would be great. I sitll don't have it yet. I am waiting for the mobo to be back in stock at Newegg. But, when I have finally built it, I will post here and perhaps we can figure out the good values for it. Thanks again
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