Advent laptop connecting to wireless - Help!

Hi hope someone can give me some advice :

I recently purchased a Advent 7012 Laptop (with all my savings from my pocket money!) and would like to connect to wireless but the laptop does not have a slot for a WiFi card and when I try to connect my wireless adaptor (with USB cable) I've now discovered the USB port is not fast enough. I guess its USB 1 and not USB2. Is it possible to get a 'plug-in' upgrade or somehow get round this problem.
I'm not up on computer terminology so please reply in simple language.

Thank you!!!!!!!! :(
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  1. USB1 should be plenty fast for a wireless connection. If you are having trouble with it the problem might be that not enough power is going to the port. If that laptop has a PCMCIA slot I would get a wireless card for that, they are actually very good. It is also known as the PC card slot.
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