Best Memory for the ASUS STRIKER EXTREME

Hello there,
even thought the STRIKER scares me a bit, I will end up getting it.
I have more than adequate PC knowledge but NOT much when it comes to complicated BIOS settings.

I need RAM with it ...2GB and it needs to be fast. I am willing to pay for it but I also don't need overkill as I am going to be very careful when oc'ing, I just wouldn't want to waste a lot of $$$.

I had my eyes on the CORSAIR dominator series or maybe Crucial Ballistic.

Which one is best, runs great out of the box and allows me to OC when I am ready and have studied enough to mess with voltages and timings.

Any good suggestion appreciated. I was hoping to run above the normal 800 MHZ right away with some good sticks that have low timings and are EPP.

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  1. Hey,
    thanks for the thorough reply and the warning.
    So...Super Talent or OCZ....mmmh....have you ever tried the Ballistics?

    So as for as CAS is concerned really try for C3 or C4?
    Ok then....I am so paranoid about the will take me weeks, especially since I am going to drop $300-500 on this alone. Then the CPU, I will go for the 6800 and the GPU.....

    Yeah I can wait a think the RD 600 is going to be so superior.
    Always used Nvidia.....and right now my very first ATI card. I prefer Nvidia.,...but then again it is the chicken and the egg thing....

    I was thinking about the eVGA, but I want to run 2 RAID setup's and I hear the eVGA has RAID issues.....but since it is all the chipset I assume the ASUS would have the same issues until Nvidia releases new drivers.

    It has become difficult. I am modding a new case right now and basically I am ready to drop the Mobo, CPU, RAM in and go....

    well let me know what else you hear......I think the ABIT board will be a good one.....Gigabyte to follow soon with their 680i.

    What happened to you......why did the Corsair C4's didn't work for you?
  2. You certainly know your RAM...I am impressed.
    I will print out this post and keep it handy.
  3. Excellent post, thanks
  4. Quote:
    Thanks, getting pissed off at your ram, almost sueing zipzoomfly, and about throwing your copmuter and your annoying neighboor :roll: forces you to learn something

    I hope I have helped, anything else you need to know?

    Also, one question, how much is the max you can spend, because that way I can help you the best
    And don't forget the rd600, the striker is nice, but as I already said, for the performance and price, the rd600 will pwn

    yeah, _Tacos knows his stuff! :D

    i really would second the wait for rd600. i don't mean r_600, i mean rD600, the motherboard. it shouldn't cost you $400, and is a competitive product: it could offer better performance or drive down prices. Its only a few days... can you make it? Plus the 680i mobos i've seen aren't getting as high ratings as i'd expect....
  5. Both of you deserve this.

    To the OP, I agree completely. I'd wait a bit to see how much the RD600 will out perform the 680i or the 975x. If you are going to pay a premium for a piece of hardware, at least make sure that you're getting the best of the best.
  6. Once in a while, you'll find a dud product. Its most likely a fluke. I'm not going to go and call someone I have no idea about a n00b though.
  7. Do what you think is best.
  8. If you want my explicit recommendation, okay you've got it. But remember that you as a Clan member gotta take some risks, for the good of others.
  9. Sounds very very good young grasshoppa.
    Use this for a screencap program
  10. I don't know how Ninja could miss it, let me just ask this directly.
    What motherboard is he using Ninja?? OOOHH yes, that piece of shi7 that doesnt reach above 2.2vDIMM right? Plus he probably is running 1.8v as he did not mentioned voltages.
  11. Talking about his Crosshair?
  12. You will most likely be wasting the X6800 without at least decent water and master knowledge. Just look at Ninja if you don't believe me :wink:
    RD600 will come in incredibly limited supply and tons of bugs to work around (its just how DFI rolls), you may pick any 680i and call it a day; excellent overclokability so dont worry about that. The P5N32-E SLI has practically the same BIOS and potential as the Stiker by the way, for $150 less.
  13. Fock you. I intend to OC my X6800 to its limit right now just to shut you up bastard. See you in a bit.
  14. Quote:
    baseball is a killer, I am dead right now after 2 hours of sprinting and weightlifting

    I believe I am the only one related to DaClan that doesnt exercise... It shall be my new years goal.

    I think he means the 975x that the person with the horrible review had

    Yes, the BadAxe that happens to be in Ninja's hands as we speak.
  15. Im not blaming you and your limited OC knowledge. I am blaming that piece of alu you call a cooler 8)
    What kid of example are you giving taquito and the other kids with such sissy cooling? HM? HM? Bad Ninja, Bad.
  16. i was wondering when _Tacos would get BAR'D! woo hoo!

    i can't believe _Tacos has so many borat pics either... are you not telling us something?
  17. Thank you, I'm having nightmares again.
    Saw how I can make my b!tch out of Ninja?
    Now ill get him to buy some awesome cooling :wink:
  18. But thats just for CPU, ever seen NB and gfx cooled with LN2?
  19. Hey, Daria, what do you want, a stable OC or a boot to brag one, because I've gotten up to 4.9GHz. Unstable of course.
  20. 5Ghz!
    Run 3Dmark03 or at least a 1M run, but CPU-Z screenshot is fine too =]
  21. On air I think I'm killing this thing slowly. I'll get some water cooling parts from this OC shop I found the other day and come back with a stable, game ready, 5.4GHz.
  22. We've gotta review that water loop, get on before ordering.
  23. I'm on it. YARD.
  24. I mean us two... Get online cos I wanna see what youll be ordering.
  25. Yep. This ones gonna be a mother of a headache.
  26. I recommend Vicodin and Diclofenac.

    I wonder what the hell the OP is thinking right now...
  27. Same thing I'm thinking... what the hell....
  28. Announce the world what your new cooling will be 8)
  29. Phase change.
  30. You are just so focking enthusiastic...
  31. Quote:
    You are just so focking enthusiastic...

    so wait DaSick is actually going to use phase change? sweet! thats so awesome. i read up on it a while back, after i encountered it in the forums, and i was like 8O . i kept getting crap i didn't want, about like freezing melting and evaporation, you know, like the 6th grade science phase changes. it just sounds so cool, tho.
  32. Yes, it's cool. No, you're not getting anymore enthusiasm out of me. Yes, there are risks involved. No, you can't have another cookie... wait...
  33. Taq, you're already too late. I've already made up my mind. :)
    Besides little bro, there are already people that run custom Peliters on the Forumz.
  34. Dude, I haven't seen anything that would make me say over the top. Go right on. :)
  35. Try not to generalize. My grandfather on my mother's side is Indian.
  36. Its all good.
  37. Then you might want to edit that previous post.
  38. i wish i could incorporate this in some way to my profile.... its so hilarious... from the good ole days with kevin rose.... i'll prolly just throw it in a thread where someone gets pwned.

    i hate it how i'm like 20 steps behind you guys in the convo :cry: :oops: :lol:
  39. Quote:
    Done, really shouldn't have made that comment

    8O i hope ninja doesn't remember when i was messing around with sloganizer..... 10000000x worse than yours

  40. Quote:
    i wish i could incorporate this in some way to my profile.... its so hilarious... from the good ole days with kevin rose.... i'll prolly just throw it in a thread where someone gets pwned.

    i hate it how i'm like 20 steps behind you guys in the convo :cry: :oops: :lol:

    Just photoshop the image or fierworks it to resize the dimensions to 80 by whatever to make it fit
    you can download a trial of either of those for 30 days or so (I bought mine of ebay for less than 200 for macromedia studio 8 and photoshop, stupid n00b not knowing the value of his programs :lol: )

    nah, small doesn't do it justice. i wanna throw it in someone's face when something funny happens to them. so i wanna BLOW IT UP :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  41. Let's see if I can hijack this thread back on track :lol:

    Looking for some on....

    Crucial 10th Anniversary 2GB DDR2-667 / PC2-5300 Memory

    Picked up a good deal on two sticks of this memory and after reading the rave reviews it has received I am looking to get some feedback from the layman.

    I am running it with an E6600 and Asus Striker Extreme MB.....

    Has anyone else had the great experiences they saw here and in the linked reviews?

    I am brand new at OC'ing but want to push this E6600 to the 3.4-3.6 range. Looking for a little advice on how this memory will work and how to run it.

  42. Quote:
    I personally like the crucial, but any pc6400 ram can oc higher, the max that ram usually gets to is about 960 or with 4-4-4-12, yet super talent that I recently bought (at least the current version) is going way beyond 1000 @4-4-3-8, some even got it to 1100+

    just remember all ram is different though

    But I want to see you trying to hit 550Mhz...

    I personally like the crucial, but any pc6400 ram can oc higher,

    PFF NO!

    Where did you manage to find such amazing sticks?
  43. I just ordered some Team extreem 6400 4-4-4-10 for my striker extreme, but I don't get it until xmas :(, I hope the board doesn't have issues with this ram like alot of other ram it apperently is.
    any one have any experience with the extreem?
  44. :trophy: Very nice sticks. The 667CL3 are a tad cheaper and have the same potential tough...
  45. Posting this kinda late... better late than never i guess.

    The Supertalent 4-4-3-8 sticks in my sig are great in my Asus board. You have to set the timings in memory though cause they default to 667 5-5-5-15 2T for compatibility. I currently have them running at 800 4-4-3-8 1T at 2.0V. Good micron chips i guess but i'm sure dario knows alot more about them than me.

    Edit: i guess tacos beat me to it... different info though, hope it helps someone
  46. Quote:
    Good micron chips i guess but i'm sure dario knows alot more about them than me.
    Dont worry, Ill try to pass on most of my knowledge when I get to write a review about them :D
  47. Which better be soon since I just finished the Bad Axe review.
  48. looking forward to it! :wink:
  49. "Bah"?
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