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  1. like a sheep? j/k :wink:
  2. Quote:
    like a sheep? j/k :wink:
    No shi7! Common Taquito you can do better than that.
    And yes, I'm the only one cool enough to have two 8)
  3. So you do.
  4. You... get a friggin cookie for not bothering me about my avatar...
  5. Quote:
    You... get a friggin cookie for not bothering me about my avatar...
    Jump on it! Call him a queery boy!
  6. Projecting much, pretty boy?
  7. Go get another makeover, wanna be a pretty redhead perhaps?

    at least he didn't pick the cookie-cutter gaara or anything, he went outside the box! although kakashi is by far the coolest hombre in the naruto universe.... he's just so cool! even as a kid...!
  9. naruto + me = eh?
  10. yeah, i like it, i haven't watched any anime in quite a while, but my lil bro got me into naruto, and its kinda a ritual of ours now. uh, basically, from what i can tell, DaSickNinja likes it too, as both of his avatars are from Naruto, and his name is from his first avatar.

    its a decent show, although its pretty much the best anime on right now. basically if you see someone with one of those headbands, headbands+spikey anime hair= naruto character.

    its funny to see the people that ride my bus and wear the headbands... although i like it, i think thats kinda funny. otakus. heh. gotta love 'em.
  11. The manga is still better...
  12. 10000x less filler (!!! :evil: !!!) but, call me simple minded, i like seeing movement.
  13. Quote:
    10000x less filler (!!! :evil: !!!) but, call me simple minded, i like seeing movement.

    You're simple minded. :P
  14. lol, well, i did ask for it, Ninja.

    nah, i'm saying that its the best one ON now, like with new episodes 'n stuff. i grew up on DBZ, that and all the gundam series', and trust me, its got a soft spot in my heart, heh. i just love the fights, the action... its such a carnal pleasure... pleases my inner fat kid that likes to beat stuff up, or watch it be beaten up. heh. i want a wii so i can play tenkaichi 2 so bad!

    what i wanna do is get money and buy all my old childhood animes on dvd, like outlaw star and blue sub 6 ( that one was WEIRD) and trigun and all those greats. yup. or dl' them :twisted:
  15. sweet, man, thats really awesome! :D props to you. thats real awesome, you lil irksome 14 yr old. how much are you testing? one stick? two in dual? what clocks do you think you'll do the benchmarking at? i wanna see this go up somewhere... nobody else has to know that your 14! (i'm sure we're being sneaky about that, tho).

    happy winter solstice yesterday, first of all, and merry chrsitmas all around also. wee haw!
  16. Send it to me first Via PM. I'll post it in the blog then let you post in the forumz
  17. Plain ol' review using THG. If you need to have graphs made or images hosted just let me know.

    Edit: A bunch.
  18. Cool enough Taq. Just send me the info via PM.
  19. Perform 2 of each tests.
  20. YES. Exactly. No sane tester does one test and expects the results to be precise. Usually I'd say do 5 of each to completely remove the possibility of a testing anomaly.
  21. Use Winrar.
  22. Good, good. Just let me know when you are ready. And don' forget to list your specs.
  23. I'm not to sure about AMD, but I think it is latency.
  24. Since you understand the theory behind it all, be sure to put that in your review.
  25. That X2 is a Turion X2. A far different situation.
  26. I bought it just for comparisons sake. I also have a Core 2 Duo in the same model laptop.
  27. Independently wealthy.
  28. not just computers, he has (or had) like enough cars to cause a myocardial infarction! really, he's crazy like that. not to mention is limitless supply of superior computers... i'm green with envy... :mrgreen:

    anyway, i think its great how you guys have made this like your base of operations, hah! i should prolly stop watching this topic... but i'm looking forward to seeing Tacos get published!

    merry christmas yous guys.
  29. Merry Christmas to both of you.
  30. I've got plans, but those are only for me to know. My more immediate plans are something that only Dario and 3lf know.
    As for testing my X6800 if you need me to do that, you'll have to wait a couple of weeks. I'm on vacation. And on a plane.
  31. Quote:

    I've got plans, but those are only for me to know. My more immediate plans are something that only Dario and 3lf know.
    As for testing my X6800 if you need me to do that, you'll have to wait a couple of weeks. I'm on vacation. And on a plane.

    [...Tacos, i think he's a SPY!!!!! thats why his avatar is a Ninja, he's got all the swag, and he's on a plane! only spys fly on planes!!!!! AH!]
  32. You've got an hour to "bother" me for help, then you have to wait for an hour and a half to wait as I get to the house. Don't worry, I'll send pictures.
  33. lol he must be your uncle, you've got so many pictures of him! hah! you're saying your identity is something to hide? or are you really like a forum guru like wusy or something... oh well, my guesser is a little on the fritz on account of the fact that its CH?ISTMAS BREAK and i don't have to think. heh.
  34. lol... whatchu got against beans, foo? you want i should wack him, boss?

    i'm older than you :evil: i love how people always take their age so personally, your always either too young or too old... meh, sux to be human, huh?

    i dunno, Tacos, i don't think i can handle that kinda secret... its a real big responsibility and all.... i think your an irexican, your iranian and you Love_Tacos! i'm on to you, you sneaky snake!


    D'oh, you beat me to it! i was wrapping christmas presents! my mommy told me you're not real.... but now i know the truth!

    p.s. way to go santa, your size 24 font didn't work out, lol :lol:
  35. You're either too young, too old or just dead.

    Landed safely, and now operating out of St. Lucia. :P
  36. omfg you really are a spy, you lucky devil you. jeeze! st. lucia?! omg. what are you doing on the computer? go do something! i take it you're not going to have a problem finding things to do, tho... lol.

    reminds me of santa lucia... ring any bells? i used to live in a college town where there were a load of awesome exchange students... we celebrated the gambit of winter holiday traditions, thats for sure.

    the old wanna be old, the young wanna be young, the dead wanna be...... not dead...? either way it goes, the human nature can be pretty stupid at times, huh? one eccentricity of humanity, i suppose.

  37. Gros Piton...

    I mean St. Lucia my home country.
  38. really, you hail from St. Lucia? well damn thats even cooler. you really, really really must be a spy. only spies can live in such cool places. ugh. i can tell you'll be having a merry christmas, at your (amazingly beautiful) home, with family i presume... take it easy man. enjoy some time off.

    i know you meant the place st. lucia, i was just saying we used to have a santa lucia party in the winter... one of my friends was "santa lucia", who dances aroudn with a crown of candles, b/c she's the "bringer of light" and all, and she had too much hairspray in, OMG that was awful.... but funny in a terrible way.... she wasn't injured, luckily.

    3,000 ft. above sea lvl, eh? i bet your spy-hq house with your spy parents is right at the summit.... :lol: that really is so so gorgeous... reminds me of fiji... coolest place i've ever been in my modest world travels.
  39. Where I live looks more like this:

    And not so high above sea level. Maybe 200ft max.
  40. Anywhere beats Michigan. Even Texas....
  41. You mean this monkey?

    Edit: We'd better stop. Politics ain't right for a hardware forum.
  42. Reviews first. Jokes second. Get back to work. :P :wink:
  43. Quote:
    Anywhere beats Michigan. Even Texas....

    Hey now...
  44.! i mean.... yeah! wait.... thats a hard'n..... can you repeat the question?

    merry christmas (eve) and happy new year
  45. *shivers to your ever creppier picture*

    St. Lucia?
  46. Quote:
    *shivers to your ever creppier picture*

    St. Lucia?

    Yes, St. Lucia. DaClan's temporary base of operations for two weeks. Don't worry, the goop tests are down and the results are on my laptop.
  47. Sure send them.
  48. Don't be surprised if I don't respond right away.
  49. Thanks. And heres the linky to the graph maker that I use if you want to get a feel for it yourself.
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