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  3. Quote:
    Hello there,
    even thought the STRIKER scares me a bit, I will end up getting it.
    I have more than adequate PC knowledge but NOT much when it comes to complicated BIOS settings.

    I need RAM with it ...2GB and it needs to be fast. I am willing to pay for it but I also don't need overkill as I am going to be very careful when oc'ing, I just wouldn't want to waste a lot of $$$.

    I had my eyes on the CORSAIR dominator series or maybe Crucial Ballistic.

    Which one is best, runs great out of the box and allows me to OC when I am ready and have studied enough to mess with voltages and timings.

    Any good suggestion appreciated. I was hoping to run above the normal 800 MHZ right away with some good sticks that have low timings and are EPP.


    How about mushkin.
  4. I have read a thread where you and another guy were talking about RAM for an Asus Striker extreme, and I was hoping you could help me please.

    I want corsair domiantor 8888 but its too damn expensive £380 for 2 gig im in UK approx $650

    i want very good stuff, I havent OC'd befor and may in the future but not straight away and also wanted 4gig ram..

    So i then was gonna get corsair dominator 6400 CL4 but everyone sais its crap and dont work properly with Mboard.

    so basically after very good ram 4 gig off i guess.

    so any help would be great please.

    P.S if you can email me your recomendation would be really greatful :)
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