Initializing network provider? Need help please...

Ive bought this D-link adapter Cable to play Starcraft On IPX but i cant figure out whats wrongs, on one computer (PIII) has no problem creating a game, and has a network card. On the other computer (PI) it says Cannot initialize network provider, (also having a network card) when i try to create a game... I've read trouble shooting but cant seem to figure it out. Its just a simple cable the plugs into one computer and into the other, no router or anything. Is there Anyone out that can help me?
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More about initializing network provider please
  1. Are you trying to connect 2 computer together with a crossover cable?
    If so you need to do a static IP and Sub net.
  2. I believe it is. If it is can i do this without internet? niether of them have internet.

    Im very frustrated right now, i know computers but ive never dealt with network stuff like this. i have no clue where to start
  3. Internet is not need for tying 2 computer together. A crossover cable is required if you don't have a router/hub/switch. I do it on a regular basis. In the network connection CP, select your NIC card, rt click properties. Then scroll down to TCP/IP select then properties. Then select "Use the following IP". Enter IP like "", Each computer must have a different IP (last number set) You do not need anything in the DNS section.

    Once both pc have been set, try to ping each computer.

    You can turn on/install file and printer sharing form the Port Connection Properties. Make sure both PC are in the same group.
  4. Thanks blue, thats a good start ill try it it,
    And how do u ping ur computer?
  5. Open a command prompt and enter "ping <IPaddress>

    It will tell you the time of response or not
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