Routing between 2 differnet networks

I have a slightly complicated situation i was hoping someone could help me with.
I have one network on a standard class c subnet (
There is a second network for which i have access to the server on a class b ( through a vpn connection
I would like to know if there is any way i can manipulate the routing table of the server on the 192 subnet to route requests for the 172 subnet to the class b server's address:

I'm not sure how clear i'm being.. i've been reading routing docs all night and all i see are ip addresses.. :)

Any ideas would be great!

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  1. FYI: Not very clear :)

    Anyways, If I understand you correctly you have two servers on different networks, and want to route between the two, right?

    I assume that you use either windows or linux, and you do this by the route command. The router needs to be on both networks by having two NICs or by setting secondary ip addresses. On windows you can do this in the advanced settings of your TCP/IP settings, and on linux you create the interface eth0:n where n is a number 0-255 (IIRC).

    If routing is turned on, both OS's will route automatically with no configuration on your part.

    Hope this helps...


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