whats going on with my 7900gx2?

I have never, ever had this much problems out of a computer in my life.
Ive built about 7 or 8 computers in the last couple of years and this one is just kicking me in the butt, and then turning around and doing it over and over again.
Everyone i talk to just cant help me out at all. Ive tried to talk to people at compusa, bestbuy(i know i know), hell i even called evga who make the card and everyone is clueless.
Ive been dealing with this for a solid month now and i have still yet to get the thing to come on twice in a row.
Let me fill you in.

i bought a 7900 gx2, which i thought was a 7950 gx2. silly me.
which looks like this (on the back of the cards it says Geforce 7900 gtx-duo)

anyway i didnt care it was an upgrade from a agp 6600gt that i had. So it required buying another mobo to support pcie and possibly a new powersupply. not a problem right?...
after interchanging motherboards, powersupply anything i could get my hands on, my main problem was getting the card to show a signal at all. meaning i was never even getting a bios screen nothing. just blank screen. the card powers on the lights come on, cpu, harddrives begin to go, posting beeps here posting beeps there, just no picture.
Ive tried these...
Abit kn8 sli motherboard
and the BFG nforce 4 ultra
I couldnt get a signal to the monitor at all with the abit board(i even updated to the newest bios), so i originally thought the card was DOA so i returned it and got another one, but the same thing was happening. so then with the abit board i went out and got a power supply, first i tried the
OCZ 600watt dual pcie rails, looked nice, cost about 149$
didnt do anything different, so i returned it and got a
BFG 650watt psu
still no go.
So i figured it wasnt the psu issue. Thats when i figured out it could possibly be the mobo..
I went and got the bfg nforce4 ultra board.
fired it up and i got a signal
HOT DAMNED! i thought...
so i continued to do a fresh install of xp. so then windows loaded for the first time ( no vid drivers installed just blank nothing drivers, you know low res doesnt really recognize the card but its displaying a signal, well i begin to update windows through MS site. and the next restart.
no signal.
what do ya know :\
so i found a junker 8mb pci card and used that continued to update windows and download drivers for the bfg nforce board. got all the newest stuff, thinking shit maybe itll work after i update it. oh i even updated the bios on this board as well.
so after updating i put it back in along with the pci vid card still in a slot, started it up and still nothing, but niether did the pci card work as well then.
so took out the pci card, fiddle around turning it on, off, on, off, finally got another signal... booted into windows downloaded the newest drivers on nvidia site, installed them, and then ofcourse restart. and what do you know no signal...
i mean what the hell is going on? its like this card is possesed with demons and i aparently did something wrong and must pay with my life.
ive tried taking out everything , reseating everything, 1 ram stick, 2 ram sticks, different ram, 1 hard drive, nothing in the computer except the basic stuff, harddrive, ram, cpu, vid card. all the same result no signal. is it the card? could it just be possible that when i returned the first one i got another one that was bad? that seems possible but almost not really likely :\
my computer works fine right now, completly updated (win xp pro sp2)
Amd athlon 64 3000+
2x WD 80gb Harddrives in raid 0
but ofcourse im using this pci 8mb card(watch out i might load doom on it...)

Any ideas? im all out. i dont know what to do, send back the card again? find another motherboard? i mean whats it going to take.
maybe im not doing something right.
but ive never had problems like this before.
maybe i can update the cards bios?
i really cant find much info on this card at all on the net, it just seems to be littered with 7950gx2's.
PLEASE PLEASE i beg someone to help me.
Ive spoken with everyone i know and its just unfigureoutable.
/kick 7900gx2
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  1. Try this dude, disable fastwrite, refresh rate to default. Turn off video sync. In bios disable any power saving features you have going, dont asign irq to vga, pnp os to no
  2. fastwrites, refresh rates, vsync are all not in the bios, all powersaving features are off.
    dont assign irg to vga? what else would i might be looking for,
    didnt see a setting for pnp os no
  3. What is your mb now also did you set vga to single mode in bios
  4. yes ofcourse its in single mode, well theres not really a "single" mode in the bios options are you sure thats what its called?
    im currently using the
    BFG nforce4 ultra board.
  5. yes that is what is called but you are using the ultra 4 not the sli so that option would not be there.
  6. The 7900GX2 isn't a supported card, it's for system builders only, for use in a Quad Sli setup. I would be amazed if you get it working on a homebuilt.
    Sorry, but I think it's safe to say you've flushed your money.
  7. So you are saying he needs to get another one to make it work?

    Well if thats the case, just return it and get a 8800GTS
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