Problem with HDD - PLEASE help.

So, i finished putting together my computer - and i think i messed up somewhere....and i hope this is easy to fix...

when i got done loading everything onto my new 320Gb HD, i went to look to see how much space i had left for says my HD is only 128Gb?! i'm a newb to building i'm confused. where did it go? i don't want to have to go through the hell of putting EVERYTHING back on took forever. the sticker on the HD says 320 but it's only reading 128.

Also, for some reason i have the ability to "safely remove" my HD as if it were a removable HD/mass storage device at the bottom in the system tray....i don't think that's right either. please tell me i don't have to reformat and that it can be fixed...sigh - i just want it to come out right. any ideas? thanks.
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  1. ok after doing some research i found that it was because i installed windows XP with a disc that was fairly old - so i didn't get it to recognize a HD over 137 Gb. something was mentioned about Partition Magic, but i dont' want to spend 70 bucks to buy it. is there another option or any other programs that anyone knows about?
  2. You need to enable 48 LBA support in the bios and have XP SP1 at least.

  3. ok,
    boot your computer, and look at your disk managment: it's possible that windows sees the other space, as unpartitioned space.
    if not, go to bios and enable your 48LBA support

    about the little remove icon; if your drive is S-ata this is normal, if IDE there 's something wrong.
  4. Just install a version of XP with SP1 or SP2. Or install the SP2 after installing Win XP.
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