Coolermaster any Good?

:?: Are the above PSU's any good?

:?: Are they better than Macron?
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  1. I believe the Coolermaster I-Green series is very good.
    the rest arent too flash.
  2. Almost everybody would say they Suck, this is true if you refer to their older models, but the I-Green series and 850 real power are pretty good. I haven't read any very negative reviews about it.

    IMO they have a good quality/price ratio on the newer models.
  3. Yeah, with the I-Green series, coolermaster is moving up in the world slowly... but only that one series, anything else, I wouldn't touch with a dead ninja...

    Never heard of Macron, so therefore, I would stay away from it...
  4. Go with Fortron (FSP Group) they are usually not very expensive and they make very good PSUs.
  5. I also would have to agree withthe above. Coolermaster is definately near the bottom.
    They would probably work if not pushed much. But since ur PS is the CORE of your system its probably better to get a better one. (probably same price as well)
    I like
  6. Quote:
    Coolermaster is closer to the low end of PSU. There are much better brands.
    PC P&C

    The PSU's listed are good but the Thermaltake are terrible from what I have read, ie. rating nowhere near listed spec.

    If I remember correctly, the 430W produced under 400watt continuously.

    The larger capacity one's are probably a lot better.
  7. speaking about larger capacity TT is coming out with a 1200 Watt version.. :roll:
  8. LOL, I think the idea is to cut a hole in the top of the case and flip it(or bottom if its a Antec 180) and run the cables outside to free up clutter inside the case... :lol:
  9. Quote:
    I wouldn't touch with a dead ninja...

    LOL. :lol:

    dasickone will slice you with his katana sword :lol:
  10. the low end thermaltake's are really bad.

    i think the TT 430W is only a 350W OEM psu.

    the tough power series is ok though.
  11. I took the plunge with Cooler Master. I bought the Real Power Pro 850.

    It has been very solid with no issues. The quality of this unit is very good.

    This is not a "Low Tier crappy power supply." It is so far the only power supply with true SIX 12v rails. Check out this review, (you will have to translate it. :)

    It's really impressive. Take a look at the inside screen shots. It is really a good quality power supply. As a matter of fact, it is the only power supply that Nvidia's store sells.

    If it is good enough for Nvidia and its new G80's, it's good enough for me and anyone else intrested in getting it. :)
  12. I have a Coolermaster PSU, 380 watt, which came with my case. I've had it for more than a year now, and so far I've no complaints.
  13. No , it isn't really. I had to get a new power supply anyways. It's for my next upgrade. I had a Antec True Power II 550 that was not a ATX 2.2 compliant power supply ergo lacking the 8pin cpu connector. My current motherboard has a ATX 4 pin.

    I have a EVGA i680 motherboard sitting brand new in a box. It has the 8pin connector. I am waiting for a CPU and some ram whenever I get arround to it. This power supply is 2.2 compliant and packs a 850W punch. It is good enough for a G80 + SLI in a future. I saw this PSU @ Nvidia's store. This is one of the reasons I picked up the Real Power Pro 850.
  14. Coolermaster is ok for cheap low end,but if you want anything serious get a thermaltake tough power 650watt psu with 4 12volt rails.Goodluck.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.4 S-939
    2X EVGA 7800GT IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    EXTREME 19IN.MONITOR 1280X1024
  15. Here's a good detailed review of a IGreen 430W power supply. I'll just keep saying it. It's NOT a low end PSU, other then most people say.

    Take a 'High end' Tagan PSU for example. People are recommending this thing here, no thanks.
    I'll take a CM 850 Real power over this one any time, at least CM doesn't advertise with their max power ratings but continuous ratings. (max rating is actually 1000W on the CM 850RP)

    Take a look at these labels for example:
    Tagan 1100W PSU
    CM 850W RealPower
    Multiply the V and A ratings on the rails.
  16. You get the wrong point. I'm saying that CM is posting honest specs on that label, it can deliver 720W continuous power.
    While if you calculate the Tagan one you get 12*20*4=960W Max. power. As you said, You can't just add the rails up and multiply by the voltage to get total watts.

    They tried to pull 1100W from the Tagan in that review, and they couldn't get higher than 768 W.

    As you see here the specs doesn't list 850W as max output but 1000W on the CM RP 850.

    So if I understand correctly the 1100 Tagan one supplies you with max. 768W in real time and the CM with 720W in real time. Those numbers are not far from eachother but the price on other hand... CM: €176 and Tagan: € 377 (at my area)
  17. I still think Cooler master has a very good product on its hands.

    NVIDIA knows this. If NVIDIA is pushing this power supply at there store, this means NVIDIA acknowledges the fact that the RP 850 is one kick ass product, worthy enough to power Quad SLI configurations and there impressive G80 products.

    If CM did manufacture junky power supplies then the RP 850 certainly does not reflect this.

    I think this new product from Cooler Master deserves to be on the list of "Top Dog" products.
  18. With PSUs - You only need to ask yourself one question:

    Are they on both the nVidia SLI Certified, , and / or the ATI/AMD Certified, , PSUs lists ?


    Stick to the certified lists above, and you'll make the perfect choice, first time, every time. If not go one level (+41.43%) higher wattage than you think you need, it'll last you

    through more upgrades and reduce chances of problems when the PSU is 3+ years old.

    Q3 2007: Personal estimates are around 880 watts for high end configurations, and beyond that we'll get more efficient but hopefully not need more than 880 watts per PSU. (Environmental factors, most outlets only let you use 1600 - 2400 watts max, and you want to share that by 3+ devices, etc)

    See Also Thread:

    Yes, Coolmaster make some very high end, and also some more mainstream PSUs.
  19. Quote:
    :?: Are the above PSU's any good?

    :?: Are they better than Macron?

    Never heard of Macron.

    Coolermaster PSUs IMO are not worthy the price tag they bear.

    First of all they don't make them, they package units produced by ACBel. You all know how well ACBel fared on THG tests.

    Second, iGreen is not any better. Some folks I know tested Quad SLI (2x 7950GX2) with 600W model and it kept turning off in 3D Mark 2005. Then they threw it in a trashcan, put Corsair HX520W and it worked like a charm.

    Third, Corsair doesn't make supplies too but it uses far better source -- Seasonic. They make customized versions of their own supplies for Corsair.

    Check this out for a list of tested and recommended PSUs:

    You can also throw in Enhance if your budget is limited. IMO even that would be better than Coolermaster.
  20. does any1 have a reason against the IGreen being very good?

    the 500W is 500W constant with a 600W max and delivers 396W continues on the 12V rails.
    its correctly labeled unlike the other 850W extreme thing.

    the igreen is cheap compared to some other psu's as well(eg. compared to Antec TP and Neo series)
  21. Well everyone seems to have an opinion on this and most people seem to dislike Cooler Master PSU's, I suspect without any real first hand experience. That being said, I disagree.

    I have in my system at home one of their 'Real Power' 450 watt PSU's it is very stable and I base this on actually testing it under load all of the outputs from 3.3 to 12 volt (all readings were taken with a Fluke Multi-Meter) are very stable with little or no flucuation in power in the following system:

    E6400 Core 2 Duo
    Gigabyte 965 DS3
    ATI X850 Pro
    2 X 200 Western Digital SATA 3.0 gbs in RAID 0
    2 X 80 WD SATA 3.0 gbs non RAID for data backup
    ASUS 16X DVD +/-R w/Lightscribe
    Lite-on 16X DVD ROM
    Floppy Card Reader Combo

    As well as having used several other Cooler Master PSU's in systems I built for friends or sold.

    I have just built 18 Core 2 Duo systems for work and we bought 18 Cooler Master 430 watt PSU's and they all work great so far it's been about 2 months since the build. The above systems are similar to the one above except they use an Intel DP965LT Motherboard and an Nvidia 8600 GT and WD SATA 3.0 gbs 250 gig drives x 1.
  22. Guess what power supply is on the top of Nvidia's sli list?

    'nuff said. :)
  23. How about their 400W range of PSUs
  24. Quote:
    Actually the RS 850W PSU from CM is made by Enhance Electronics CO LTD.

    If that is true then they are improving. However, supplies based on ACBel design seem to have problems with higher loads.
  25. Quote:
    all readings were taken with a Fluke Multi-Meter

    You can't measure voltage stability with multi-meter let alone digital one because voltage can rapidly drop between two samplings.

    Nvidia 8600 GT

    Wow, you build systems with unreleased video cards!
  26. Quote:
    Imagine that. Coolermaster is further up in the alphabet then the others listed. Wow amazing how "C" comes before "P". :roll:

    LOL!!! Owned!!!

    I just wanted to write the same thing. Not to mention how that list only contains vendors who bothered to pay for SLI certification or who were ahead of the others in the process.
  27. It is the programable fluke and I can set it to read 10's of thousands and a programmable sampling rate.

    Excuse me I made a typo that was supposed to be a 7600 GT.

    Don't be an A$$
  28. Quote:
    Imagine that. Coolermaster is further up in the alphabet then the others listed. Wow amazing how "C" comes before "P".

    LOL! I already knew that was in alphabetical order. I was being sarcastic silly, hence the smiley face near the end of my statement. :)

    Anyhow, the whole point to this thread is about Cooler Master's products. The RP Pro 850W is a really good power supply. Anyone interested in buying it will not be disappointed.
  29. Quote:
    :?: Are the above PSU's any good?

    :?: Are they better than Macron?

    That is a good question, it really depends on what model you are looking at since they use several OEMs.

    Acbel and Enhance were mentioned, they have also used Hipro and Seventeam. For CM models my ascending rank would be hipro, acbel, seventeam, enhance based purely on what models they have available. If you are looking at a 400w/430w chances are it's a Hipro :oops:

    TT does the same they use Channelwell, Seventeam, Sirtech and their own TT oem brand - again, model-specific and price / performance dependant :roll:
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