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I am fairly new to this upgradeing stuff because I have been out of the loop for 4 years. I currently have a 350 wat power supply, a nec 3540A dvd -/=rw and a liteon 52246s cd writer. my motherboard is a MSI MS- 6570 Nforce 1 or 2 chipset, with a cpu of 1800+ with 64+64+256 cache. my fsb is 333. MY video card is a radion 9800 pro with 128 megs of ram on a AGP slot. I have PD2100 ram (1.1 gig). the sound is built in and so it the lan. ata only on motherboard. I am on a fixed income(social security disability). I would like an opinion about doing a slow upgrade until I can afford a better system. I do gaming alot and video editing from our camra and music. I am interested in security + (CPENS) and want to do some thing to improve the system slowly. maybe a gig network card ( maybe two and what type) and a sound card to. I have heard about SATA 1,2,3 and PATA and I am not sure what it will help with.(and what it exactly does either) my hard drive is a w/d 120 gig hard drive. I am interested in any reply and it is greatly appriciated. ( I am interested in online gaming as well and have a couple older systems I will list later for help and advice on. also where is the best sites for the best deals and what should I look for? the most cashe, highest chip my board can handle, I am not sure.

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  1. Start with your Motherboard. Check manual carefully, and chech MSI website to see what will be the limitations and compatibilities.

    Then you will have a better idea of what you can re-use.

    Maybe you will discover you have very little upgrade path, and will be able to start all over again!

    I can see you have set yourself quite an interesting task.

    Good Luck. :D
  2. For socket A, the best chip would be the AthlonXP 3200+, which would run at 2.2GHz with 512KB cache and 400MHz FSB. Since they are no longer made, socket A processors are expensive (my XP2800 was $170CAD 2 1/2 years ago and now it would be hard to get one under $140CAD even though parts usually drop rapidly in price - I could use a cheap athlon to replace a duron800 in my linux server). A socket AM2 sempron goes here for $50CAD.

    $40 Sempron 2800+ AM2 ( )
    $64 GIGABYTE GA-M61VME-S2 AM2 ( )

    So theinvestment now is low, but allows a newer socket to drop in a better processor next year and has integrated video that is good for now with an empty pci-e x16 slot to put in a video card when you can afford it. I think this is a nice way to go about an upgrade for what you describe.

  3. If you could pick up an Athlon XP Batrton CPU like a 2500+ that would give a nice boost to your system. advice to you is to start saving your money even if you have to save it for a year and then get a decent budget system based upon whatever the best budget system might be a year from now.

    Good Luck!
  4. if you can sell your old PC and buy a new one, that would be the best choice. tell us what is your budget and we'll give you an advice about your next purchase,
  5. My Motherboard is 333 front side bus and can handle a socket a chip up to 333mhz fsb. It can only expand to 2200mhz. I would like to know what chip to get for the socket a and which is better 512 or 256 cache and what manufacturer of ram would be best 333 ddr 184 pin. thanks!speedbump1963
  6. Dude, sell and rebuild. It's not worth the money to blow it on ANY Athlon XP. Athlon XP = obsolete. Ancient. Not worth your money.

    I suggest you overclock instead. The CPU is hardly ever a bottleneck in gaming.
  7. If you can get an athlon xp for a really good deal then go for that, otherwise try and sell and start over like others have said.
  8. By really good deal, I think you mean <$30, right?
  9. No I was thinking more <$50 for a high end (if you can call them that) athlon XP, but I suppose, if I'm talking $AU, then that ends up being about $US40 anyway. So anything <=$US40 is a pretty good deal for a high-end XP.

    EDIT: Considering the price of them brand new, and the price of whole system rebuild
  10. From a quick scan on ebay, I gather:

    XP 2800+ $100US
    XP 3200+ $150US

    Plus shipping! And they are getting bids! You are right though, a good deal would be $40US but I haven't found any even close to that low.

  11. Your motherboard will support 400fsb speeds. Do you have the cpu overclocked? The 1800+ is running at 133 but will prob hit 166. Not sure if your memory will keep up. I have a 2500+ Barton running at 400fsb on a MSI K7N2 Delta board similar to what you have. But I have DDR 3200 memory for it.

    So you would need to get faster memory as well. Just save your money and if money is that tight get a 939 or a 754 cpu. A 939 would be better. Check the prices on newegg.
  12. Plus 939 boards are much easier to find, and the 754s that are available are budget at best. At least thats how it is in Aus anyway 8)
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