Thermaletake Toughpower 750w (SLI/CrossFire ready)

I'm slowly building my first PC, part by part... just waiting to complete system after the first part of 2007 when price fall some.
I already have (Thermaletake Toughpower 750w) psu. which is SLI/CrossFire ready....
I had plan on getting Nvidia 8800gtx
My question is.... Will this power supply (Thermaletake Toughpower 750w) work with this GPU (8800gtx)? or will I need to get a higher watt PSU?
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  1. I'd be scared if your 8800GTX needed more than that for power...

    The 8800GTX only takes around 150W of power on full load, the rest of your system will probably not take more than 200W of power, so total, your system will pull around 350W - 400W of power. 750W is more than enough, leaving you with ample headroom. Not to mention that's a good, decent stable PSU. You're fine, and good choice.
  2. Thankz Doughbuy,
    Wasn't really sure since I plan on modding too....
    also, There's allot of good info on this forum....I will continue to check back often while I am building my first rig...Hopefully it wil be finished by March 2007..Saving the main stuff for last.....(Cpu, motherboard, & memory)
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