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Anand takes this SM3.0 only game and compares the performance of a whole bunch of cards in it. As Cleeve and GreatGrapeApe discussed elsewhere, the game is as buggy as can be. FSAA didn't work without a patch, the GF8800Series doesn't work, SLI doesn't work, therefore 7950GX2 performed horribly, and in the end (for now) ATI dominates performance with the X1650XT > 7600GT and X1950 pro > GF7950GT, and the X1950XTX ruling the roost at least until the 8800's get working. Enough already...go read it over for yourselves.

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  1. Nice find. Just what i was looking for.
  2. If this is your game, I hope you are running an ATI X1xxx series card. If you are on a Geforce, it looks like driver updates and/or a second patch will be needed to be stable and get decent performance. It currently sounds like a nightmare running this on NVdia cards.

    Besides stability issues on NV cards, budget ATI cards are whooping way more expensive NV cards. This I'm sure will change as NV is probably furious right now and whipping their driver team as we speak. 8O

    But shoot, X1300XT > 7600GT, X1650XT > 7900GS, and X1950 pro > 7900GTX. This looks like NFS:Carbon.
  3. this game has caused me nothing but grief,
    for crying out loud they should have at least made it work on f***ing Nvidia hardware.
    pisses me off so much since i have a 7900, all i get is an unplayable mess. should have shipped a few weeks after the 360 version to get rid of the bugs. and this coming from a Splinter cell fan....
  4. Ugh, that stinks for you. Rest assured those bugs will get ironed out. No way NV will leave this game a disaster on their hardware. Be it NV drivers or a Ubi patch, it will get done.

    Out of curiosity, is this an NVidia TWIMTBP game (do you get the "Nvidia" blip while starting the game?) Maybe not this time being an XBOX 360 port. Being as this one spends more time in broad daylight, I will like it more than past ones.
  5. This is an Nvidia problem. I went threw so much crap with first Ubi then Nvidia. Ubi told me that it was a Nvidia problem and then I contacted NV and they said (Which was far from a definate answer) "many bugs will be fixed in their upcoming patch" which didn't directly answer about this game with the 8800's. :evil:

    The one thing though is with my 8800 gts I can play multiplayer just fine but when i try Single Player the game craches out even before I see a Ubi screen. :?
  6. I know I was really upset when I read about how this game used SM 3.0 I have an older computer at the moment till the end of this month and now it seems even after I get my new computer I'm still going to have problems with this game. Ubisoft really dropped the ball here. I've been fighting the urge to buy this for the 360 just to play it looks like if I'm going to play it that's what I'm going to have to do. God I hate being a splinter cell fan boi. /cry
  7. By the time you get a new computer, the game may be fine on all cards. If you are doing an 8800 series, don't let this game deter you and steer you toward an inferior XBOX360. Or just go with an ATI card for now as they didn't have the crashes and had no problem playing the game with all the eye treats. Shoot, even FSAA+HDR performed well on higher end ATI's.
  8. At the moment I'm running an ATI X850XT :-( No SM 3. But I am going to the 8800 at the end of the month and I can't wait. :-D Anyone know any SM 3.0 graphic cards for AGP by chance?
  9. Major bummer on the X850! :cry:
    Anyone know any SM 3.0 graphic cards for AGP by chance?

    Sure, the best is the X1950 pro. There is also the 7800GS, 7600's, and the GF6's (6800U, 6800GT, etc.) X1650XT is supposed to be hitting AGP too.
  10. The funny thing is that I had a x800xt and wanted to play this but when I heard that no SM 2 support I was like "That's it, now I can't even play some games at all, DX 10 here I come" so I picked up my 8800 gts. Then to my frustrating results, no support on this game for 8800 series either. :evil: :evil: :evil: BAH! I want to play the singgle player so bad!!
  11. :D :D :D :D :D THEY FIXED IT!!! YES YES YES! :D :D THE 8800 Supported
  12. LOL, what a story. (not that I don't feel bad for you).
  13. The thing I find funniest, is despite all the actions that seem TWIMTBP inspired like limited support for certain competitors cards, like previous Splinter Cell titles, the performance results don't match that belief.

    Looks like Ubi dropped the ball on this one for everyone. :roll:

    Like the game, played it briefly, but still amazed that so many games need so much work to work on supposedly standardized hardware. I know the GF8800 series is new but are there gaming issues with older titles, I hadn't heard any, so it sounds like Ubi is doing things to focus performance on some series, and this is messing with the standards. Either way, it's still not the killer app for SM3.0 over SM2.0, but I do think it's a sign of things to come.
  14. Not working on half the ATI cards out there (X8xx and under), bugs with NV, makes ya wonder if they stumbled onto good ATI SM3.0 performance or if that's all they used in testing the PC version. Sad for fans of the series. But reguardless, I suspect we shall see this one become a benchmark; almost definately if they enable the console/timedemos.
  15. This direct port is a joke. I wish Ubi Montreal worked on it. I cant run it on my 9800 PRO although i can run Oblivion at decent res and settings. The game is uber buggy. It actually ran pretty well on my 7600GT 24" iMac @1920x1080, and ran like crap on my friends 1900XTX @1280x1024. The game runs ok one minute, then craps out or randomly crashes. Games that have patches out before they are released tell you something. I blindly bought the game because it was on sale for 39.99. Another patch recently came out but fixed mainly multiplayer. Still very buggy.
  16. I just hope by the time I get my new system they have everything ironed out. Here's to wishful thinking.
  17. Quote:
    I just hope by the time I get my new system they have everything ironed out. Here's to wishful thinking.

    Thinking the same thing. Hopefully by June-July when i upgrade the game might be half decent
  18. I don't play console ports so this doesn't really concern me; I also can't believe the Geforce 8 series is completely unsupported. Titles that have been out for over two years play on Geforce 8 series cards.
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