1200US or (1400CAD) to Spend on Gaming Machine that will las

Hello, I have been trying to do some research and come up with a Game PC for 1100 USD or 1300 CAD. I already have a 24 wide screen LCD from Dell, SATA hard drive and optical drive. I may want to OCi n the future but not excessively and run Vista in the near future. Also I would like to be able to upgrade the build by addition X10 video card once the prices come down without replacing other components

This is what I have come up so far (all prices in CAD about 0.9USD):
MSI 975X Platinum V.2 Socket 775 Intel 975X + ICH7DH $209
Asus EAX1950PRO/HTDP/256M ATI Radeon X1950Pro $250 (cannot decide whether PowerColour for $10 same chipset is better then Asus)
OCZ (OCZ2SOE8002GK) DDR2 PC2-6400 2GB kit (2x1024) Dual channel Special Ops Edition 800MHz $230 after mail in rebate
Thermaltake VD1000BWS Aguila SECC Case Black w/ Window $120
OCZ (OCZ700GXSSLI) GameXStream 700 Watt Power Supply, Dual GPU, SLI compable $130 after mail rebate ($25) and instant saving $10

Hope to keep the system for 3 years and keep playing (with DX10 video card upgrade in the future and OCing when required)

This is my first built, any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.

If any components will not work with DX10 can increase the budget by 100USD / 120CAD or so.
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  1. sorry if i missed it but what CPU are you getting? If its the E6400 or 6300 then you might wanna save money with a cheaper mobo.
  2. Sorry, E6400
  3. It's a good looking list so far. What CPU do you plan to get?
    I like that Thermaltake Aguila case but the one feature I'm not in love with is the full length swinging front cover. I prefer the lower half of my cases not have to be swung open (so I can pile stuff in front of the case). Also look at the Tsunami case.
  4. In that case why get a msi 975X chipset? Just get a gigabyte S3 or a biostar Tforce 965PT that will do the job just as well for half the price.
  5. Thank you, so it what you are trying to say is for the E6400, I can go for Gigabyte S3 or Biostar,

    I have checked pricing in Canada and they are approximately 40USD cheaper then MSI 975X.

    Does MSI 975X has advantages that would justify the price difference of 40USD over 965P Gigabyte S3?

    Also, I am trying to figure out if buying DDR2 800 memory is necessary if I am not planning to overclock a lot or in the short term.

    Another question should I go up to E6600 if I wish to upgrade to DX10 videocard in the future.

    Thank you for all your help and suggestions.
  6. Well i guess the main advantage of the msi is that it has the 975X chipset which is more expensive yet not necessarily better. I honestly have no experience with that board so I couldnt tell you but unless there is something in particular that you want from that board then theres no point in spending the extra money. Take your pick from either the biostar or the gigabyte becasue they are both great boards. Here is a good review comparing the two:


    Also getting 800mhz ram depends whether you want to OC or not. I think you should get a pair of corsair XMS2 667mhz ram which is great and can reach up to 800mhz anyway if you want to in the futur.

    The main advantage of the E6600 compared to the E6400 and E6300 is that it has 2mb of extra cache and obviously a higher clock speed. If you do plan on OCing however (doesnt have to be hardcore just a minor OC) then you can easily get the E6400 to the performance level of the E6600 and E6700. The two mobos I suggested work great with the E6400 and E6300 so i would suggest getting the E6400 then OC it a little bit to around 2.8ghz without needing to increase voltage or anything. :)

    hope this helps 8)
  7. Than Yas, this does help.

    Based on your feedback and after rereading the reviews the difference in the motherboard costs is not justified.

    Thank you for the comment regarding the Corsair 667mhz memory.

    It is funny but in Canada it appears that 667mhz memory by Corsair costs the same as the 800 Mhs by OCZ

    800Mhz by OCZ

    I will most likely buy on boxing day in Canada on Dec 26, so my computer is only 17 days away :D

  8. OK great

    now your cruisin 8)
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