Few questions regarding OC e6600!!!! Thanks!

Hello I have a few questions:

1) Where to download the official thermal analysis tool?

2) I hear in order to OC the e6600, one has to up the vdimm voltage, where can I monitor the actual voltage in windows? (I've tried speedfan, easytune5 etc etc, no mention of vdimm voltage)

3) Assuming 2 is answered, what level of vdimm voltage is then acceptable?

4) Under 2xprime, what temp of the two cores should I not exceed?

Thank you!
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  1. 2) Vdimm is the voltage of your memory. It varies by which memory you have. Link the RAM you use and if it doesn't tell you the stock voltage, we will help you find it.

    3) Depends on your memory.

    4) Most like to keep it under 60C. I like to keep it under 50C, but that is personal preference.
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