Noob network user setup problems

Trying to set up a network at home and I am having a few problems with my desktop computer.

I have a desktop computer connected with a hard wire to the wireless router (linksys wireless router) and a wireless laptop using wireless connection. The Internet on both work fine.

The problem is with setting up the network between the two computers to share files. I read a bunch of help web pages to try to set up the connection but now ran into a couple problems.

1. Using the /run cmd and ping command to test my local (desktop) computer it times out. My laptop gets a 100% good ping on itself. They cannot ping each other, times out.

2. I checked under devices at my network adapter. I have NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller which is what I got with my Asus A8N-SLI board.
It is enabled and the drivers are up to date.

3. My computers are named and I ran the network set up on both. They both have the same workgroup name. But on my laptop, the desktop does not show up. On the desktop the workgroup does not even show up. If I click the "view workgroup computers" option on the right, it gives me this message: "MsHome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available." Do not know about that, I am the admin for my computers.

This is what the Microsoft web support page told me to do. Then if I have a problem it kind of just says my network adapter might be installed incorrectly and leaves it at that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. A few thing to check. If you can not ping each computer you have a network problem. If you are using wireless for the LT, switch to wired for now.

    Disconect the modem from the router, for security purposes for now.

    Turn off ALL Firewall and Antivirus software.
    File and Printer sharing must be turned ON.
    From the Network connection panel, Make sure the port you are using is showing connected. Make a note of the IP address. (192.168.1.?) if not changed from default.
    If not try repair.
    On the working computer look at the status page of the router to see who is connected. You should see both computers. I'm assuming you are using DHCP.
    Get properties and make sure you are in the same Group, Don't use MS default.

    Attempt to ping your computers both directions.

    If you are now able to ping both directions. Check to see if file share is now working.

    Then bring up the Antivirus software and test again.
    Then activate the Firewall, and test again.
    If failure, you know where the problem is isolated to.
    There is an advance section in MS Firewall that will allow a local subnet to communicate. Most all firewalls have a section for execptions " Allow local hosts/subnet"

    I hope this will help you get file share up and working.

    FireWalls cause the most problems.
  2. Hey, thanks for your help. It was my firewalls keeping the computers from talking. I use Zonealarm on both the desktop and laptop.

    I had to add the computers to each others "trusted subnets". Little worried about that though, I pretty much opened up my files that I share to the other computer. Does that make it much easier for virus and hackers now?

  3. Most cases not, if you are behind your router NAT firewall. The only problem would be if your ISP issued you a private IP address (10.127. or 192.168).

    I would require a user to login if needing access to the files.
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