Fast DSL, but SLOW Download Rates on COD2???

Current DSL Connection: 3Mb/s

Problem: ALL mods that I download on COD2 download at about 7kb/s.
While downloading files off the internet, I am able to reach burst speeds of 2500kb/s and average 400-600kb/s.

Question: Anybody know why I have a slow download speed on COD2 and and know how to solve it?

Note: I am connected directly to modem via LAN cable; not wireless.
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  1. one word...

    it definitely saved my life!
  2. It could just be the servers you are downloading from. Where are you downloading them from?
  3. Is that always the case??? Granted, once in awhile I'll get fast download rates, but usually when downloading from an FKmod Server (which I think is in LA) or Bright House TDM server, I won't pass 9kb/s.
  4. Ingame downloads of maps and stuff are usually pretty slow. That is the case in most games.
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