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I want to test my HDs for read and write speeds. I see these reviews saying that HDs similar to mine (meaning same RPMs, size) reading and writing at speeds much faster than mine (or so it seems).

What's a good app to test my HDs and is there a database where I can find average performance benchmarks for HDs? I know TG has some but none of my HDs are on there.
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  1. I/O meter:

    Many review sites use this program, it's free, and works fairly well.
  2. You can use PC Wizard for benchmarking all of your components, however the graphics test is extremely basic.
  3. I don't know about databases but I find that HDTune is a fantastic tool for benchmarking and troubleshooting hard drives. It will do data transfer benchmarks, seek time benchmarks, full surface scans and display SMART values.
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