XFX 7900GT vs. EVGA 7900GS

hey guys. I ahve just been researcging on the graphics card i had chosen and realised it was prone t many a fault. I have upped my budget for the graphics cards and cam to the conclusion that the 2 sed cards the XFX 7900FT and the EVGA 7900GS were in my price range and from the reviews they both performed well.

From the general opinion i have noted that the XFX does seem to be better in all. what would you recommend?

Also. wat ampere would i be requiring on my 12v rail if anybody knows?

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  1. please help
  2. i just got a xfx 7900 gt i upgraded from a 6600 gt quiet i different and i would suggest at least 20 Watts on the 12 amp


  3. 7900 GS: NVidia's new midrange

    I believe that this article should help you. The 7900 Gt will be a stronger performer than the GS. The Gt has more pixel and Vertex shaders. As far as the companies you have chosen, both are good companies that make good products. As far as your power question, I don't really know. As you can see from my post count, I am not all that experienced. Anyway, you now have my two cents. Good luck!
  4. No contest mate, go for the XFX 7900GT 8), my PSU has 24 amps on the 12 volt rail and runs 2 7900gt's
  5. Yea Seriously, Forget the GSs, 7900gt is so much better, the 7900gs just serves for an afordable 7900series card.
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