Gettings disconnected every 5-15minutes


I'm getting disconnected every now and then, somthimes i can get disconnected from internet in 5 minutes other times almost directly. To getting connected again i have to repair my Connection for it to renew my ip.

Im connected to a router and the router is connected to the wall. My father that uses the same router doesnt get disconnected. So i guess itis my computers problem. Before i noticed some strange things aswell untill the problem with the disconnection came. When i was downloading somthing on DC++ it could go from 800kb/s to 8b/s then stop downloading.

I dont want to format my computer just yet, only if it was the last sulution.


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  1. I had a faulty network card in the past that would do that. It would randomly lose connection and I would have to do a repair to make it work again.
    Try putting in a PCI network card or something.
  2. try a different port on the router.
    try a different cable.
    Check lease time on ip address in router setup. Set it to no limit.
    try pci nic card.
    Try your computer hooked up to your fathers cable.
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