Linksys BEFW11S4 Router Networking issue

I never come across a problem like this before... I got one of those linksys router. I have Verizon DSL at home, I am trying to connect 3 computers (all under Windows XP pro). If I plug in the modem's ethernet cable to my router's upload port it won't work. When I connect one computer directly to the DSL modem, I realized that its a private IP address, given by Verizon. So I guess I have to configure my router to act as a switch/hub. Its a 4 ports router I can only get the router to work ONLY if I connect the DSL modem's patch cable to the 2nd port in the router (the rest will not give any connection). Then I can connect all 3 computers on port 1,3,4 and they will work. And the upload port will not be connected. Does anyone knows why this is happening? And why only port 2 will work with my DSL modem? Thanks
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  1. You kind of defeat the NAT firewall doing that.

    I think you need to change the default LAN IP to something other than 192.168.1.x to sonething like 192.169.10.x

    Using a private IP they eliminate users from running servers and VPN.
  2. That was what I though, before I posted this message I changed but it didn't help. Did not solve my problem. even if all my computers are connected with the 4 ports without using the upload port, none of them can see each other on the same network, even they are on the same workgroup.
  3. Most cases you have to do a static setup. Including the DNS if your router just points to the private IP. The reason you are not getting out is the DNS is not defined.
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