I need help setting up internet sharing

I have 1 compA with ASUS P4C800 deluxe P4 etc.
and 2nd compB which I just installed windows xp professionsal with Abit IC7-MAX3 P4 etc.
I also just bought a 5 port 100mbit switching/hub and 2 cat5 10/100/1000 network cables.
before compA used to be plugged straight into 12Mbit YahooBB DSL modem (Japan) and works fine (and still does when configured that way).

Though I want to get it to work on compB, I installed mobo drivers and Lan drivers.. I now have the modem plugged into the hub and the 2 computers plugged into the hub, things should work fine? compA works fine that way but compB doesnt... Ive tried "Setup a home or small office network", > other > this computer connects to the internet directly through a hub. other computers on my network also connect to the internet directly or through a hub.

Both computers have same version of XP, though they are using the same serial #, maybe this is the problem?

Could someone please help? if you have icq my # is 42005447
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  1. Ive also tried plugging the modem straight into compb but it still doesnt work, i tried all the "wizards"
  2. I just read that most isps only give out 1 ip, this is probably my problem... what do you suggest i do now?
  3. eh for the mean time, im just gona use wingate.. though in the future i dont want to use software, ide rather hardware.. so what do i need to buy?
  4. You either need to run ICS on one computer and connect the other to it or get a router.
    Your problem is that the isp gives only 1 ip address. The switch hub doesnt have a dhcp server in it so no new ip address can be given out, hence only one computer will connect at one time.
    Get a cable/dsl router, connect the dsl modem into the wan port and then connect each computer into one of the other ports. The router will assign each computer its own ip address. You may need to run the home network wizard again to set up the network but the internet should work ok.
    Hope this helps out.
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