I'm cheep, dx10 is expensive

when are we going to see some cheaper lines of dx10 cards?
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  1. Not this year for sure.

    Somewhere around February I would say, maybe later.
  2. People are thinking March/April of next year :?
  3. never
  4. January 20, because Vista arrives Jan 31. You can expect ATI to bring out it's full line of DX10 cards mid-January. Nvidia will also introduce it's low- and mid-range cards about the same time. Both companies know that consumers and small business will want/need Vista cards, and relatively damn few people buy a video card that costs more than $350. Hence, there will be a large selection of cards available at Vista's launch. Neither vendor is going to want to miss out on the first wave of upgraders.
  5. April 2007 for upper midrange.

    Oct 2007 for 'cheap' DX10.
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