Thermaltake Purepower Power Express 250W W0099RU + 8800

Hi all,

I have a dell xps gen 5 and want to upgrade my gpu to a 8800 gtx or gts. The case for this comp has a custom power supply (460W) which can't be replaced (easily). I am considering adding a thermaltake 250W purepower power express. Will this be able to power either one of these cards without any problems? If any one else has tried pairing these, please let me know your results.

Thank you!

(ps. don't bother posting if you're gonna give me grief for having a dell)
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  1. i would say yes

    i would also think that you would take the pci-e connect from the
    460watt that you have on the dell and the pci-e connect from the
    tt psu and add them to the 8800.

    and you should be good to go.

    i hear that the 88gts needs only one pci-e
    and the 88gtx needs two.

    so either way.
  2. Quote:
    (ps. don't bother posting if you're gonna give me grief for having a dell)

    oh you have a dell 8O

    well i have three that are 5 or 6 years old and still going
    with the stock psu,s so dont sweat it man.
  3. luckily for me, and now you, i contacted evga recently and asked them if the 8800gtx will run on the power express. they said yes, and that all you have to do is plug both pci express cables from the thermaltake power express into the card and it will run perfectly fine. i did research and it was confirmed. on the gxs though, i found out that they seem to have a problem running off of the power express (for some reason it causes instablity with the card). hope this helps you a bit 8)
  4. Thanks for the help guys!
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