Upgrading Need Your Elite Knowledge.

This is sorta double post for the guy wanting to do budget $750.

I used to be into lan and gaming and a little into overclocking. Im currently on my last gamin rig like 4 years out 2500barton. Im looking to upgrade to PCI express and everything.
Orginially was gonna go with 4200 x2 after pricing everything out over $1200 i said woahoo way out of my budget.
Never ran intel always had a grudge on them doing some reading on what to buy on the toms hardware i came across the d805 that inspired me but then everyone is now overclocking the e6300 however there is not a true indepth guide to building a system.

Here are my needs, I need a good stable system low budgeted that can preform as well if not better than a 4200x2. Need to work well with Studio 10 and CS:S

I've decieded on
Intel e6300 do not want to spend any more on a processor its already almost $200.
1 Gig of ram - I like Crosair but whats your opinion.
$100 or < Harddrive SATA 3gbs can always get another later for more storage. 120-160 is fine for now.
PCI 16X video card - like Nividia 7600GT
User Friendly Watercooling system.
User Friendly Monitoring System

I have:
Nice case mid tower atx
Zalman 400w - ZM400A-APF
DVD Rom lol yeah rest is pretty much obsolete.

As far as the overclocking steps going, I will wait till i have the system built then ask for the the things to tweak it.

Thanks everyone. Im going to bed now I hope i gave enough information and background for you to be able to help me select a system. I been out of it for to long and now relaying on you guys.
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  1. its going to be hard to fit a water cooling system in with a $750 C2D build. its possible, but you might want to just get a good air cooler for now, since you would have to skimp on both the water cooling parts and the stuff for the main pc to stay in budget.
  2. I agree with apt403. The C2D's overclock so well, liquid cooling solutions aren't necessary unless, you intend to push it to the extreme edge of the OC spectrum. The stock cooler is adequate for a moderate OC, and a high end cooler will allow an aggressive OC.

    Remember that the 6300 is only a 7 multiplier, so your motherboard selection in terms of OC potential is more limited by FSB ceiling. About $40.00 more will put you into a 6400 with an 8 multiplier, which will extend your motherboard selection, and raise your OC potential by as much as 400Mhz, based upon an aggressive 50% OC.

    Hope this helps. :D
  3. $750 was just a rough number.

    I was thinking $750 with out watercooling. I thought i was pretty much rec0mmend to get anything out a processor.

    best coolingn system i used was in winter have a intake tube going out your window. Oh yeah talk about a cold system.

    Im gonna go look at 6300 recommend mobo and 6400 mobo but i think the 6400 would also cost another $40 for a nicer mobo and thats another $80. a $200 processor should already preform fast enough.
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