VPN connects fine, but then no network access

I've got a vpn endpoint router that I'm connecting to with a vpn client using IPSec with DES and MD5, pre-shared key. It connects just fine. My only problem is that once it's connected, my network neighborhood doesn't show my network at home and trying to view my workgroup computers results in an error stating that the workgroup computers could not be reached. When I try to do a manual connection, the same error results.

It is very likely I've missed some very simple thing - I'm new to networking and especially VPN. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Is there anyone out there? I still need help with this issue... all the vpn tutorials out there lead up to connection, but then they leave you hanging after you get connected. My understanding of a vpn is that once you're connected to the vpn, then you should have access to the network just as if you were physically connected to it. I can connect, but no dice from there. I'm kinda lost here, please help...
  2. Are you trying to see your home side network or the other location's network?

    Try typing into the UNC (\servernamesharename) and see if it comes up that way, or attempt to ping whatever you're trying to reach.
  3. Do you have WINS serveres running on the destination network?

    You'll need them to see computers in Net'Hood.

    Otherwise you can do a "search for computers" and specify a IP address.

    Also, make sure firstof all that you are getting all the proper IP addressing on your client machine. If it doesn't match, you won't be able to communicate.
  4. I dont think netbios traffic is usually sent over a vpn. You should be able to access machines by IP though. I've never tried routing netbios traffic over a vpn but I'm sure it is possible. Just do (backslash)(backslash)ipaddress(backslash)sharename and it should go fine. As long as you have rights to the share of course :)

    If you had an active directory domain setup at work you might be able to access machines via their full dns name. That is if the vpn server handed out the windows domain controller's ip for dns resolution.
  5. I feel silly now... yeah, the IP addressing on my client wasn't on my LAN. I was wondering why I was having so much trouble. Since I don't know much I figured it was something easy I just wasn't seeing and sure enough... well thanks for your help guys, she's working now. Much love!
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