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building a new computer..i have a 430 watt antec true that enough for geforce8800gts core 2 e6600 and 2 gigs of ram? thanks-jim
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  1. Should be OK for now. At least its a good make, with a good reputation for steady supply at high output! :wink:
  2. With PSUs - You only need to ask yourself one question:

    Are they on both the nVidia SLI Certified, , and

    ATI/AMD Certified, , PSUs lists ?


    Stick to the certified lists above, and you'll make the perfect choice, first time, every time. If not go one level (+41.43%) higher wattage than you think you need, it'll last you through more upgrades and reduce chances of problems when the PSU is 3+ years old.

    By the looks of it, for one GeForce 8800 GTS you might be OK on that PSU for 2-3 months, but it'll die within 12 months if you try it.

    See Also Thread:
  3. Yeah but almost everyone doesn't want a PSU to fail within 3-5 years on them, and sub-620 watt PSUs are far more likely to fail within that time frame as they get less efficient over time.

    For various reasons it is more cost effective to get a better PSU.
  4. Ive had 100% failure rate on Antec SmartPower 2.0 - 450 watt PSUs in well under 2 years on customers PCs.

    Yes, 100%.

    They should only have been at about 50% duty cycle too, but no, 100% of them ****ing failed well within 2 years.

    These things are made by SeaSonic too.

    So I've turned off SeaSonic made PSUs, and starting to recommend CWT made ones (eg: Antec TruePower is made by a totally different company - one that knows what the **** they are doing).

    SeaSonic have really gone down hill (massive corner cutting) on all their sub 620 watt PSUs, because they know it'll get them more sales (via their brand name, while tarnishing Antec's, because Antec rebadge them).

    Still feel a need to talk about it ?
  5. When everyone recommends Antec TruePower and SeaSonic 'in general', people assume it applies to their sub-620 watt models, and Antecs "Smart"Power line. So that is what they buy, then a few weeks or months later they come back here and complain that it failed, asking for new advice, etc

    The lowest I want to recommend is a 450 watt PSU, you agree with that, yeah ?

    So I figure just find some decent 450 - 620 watt PSUs (none will be ATI Crossfire Certified, or SLI Certified, but a few might be classed as "SLI Ready" or "Crossfire Ready/Enabled"), and stockpile URLs.

    Use OpenOffice Calc/Spreadsheet and just chuck em in like:
    (other details of use)
    (other details of use)

    Paste to Notepad, then paste to forums.

    If you have a copy in OpenOffice Calc/Spreadsheet it'll make it easier to merge stuff down the track IMHO.

    I am happy to concentrate on 620 - 750 watt myself.

    You're strength / passion seams to be 450 - 620 watt, so we should be leveraging each others desires for information for the better of the 'TG Forumz' - 8)

    It is a question that crops up every 5 minutes. ("What PSU should I get ?", "Is this PSU enough for this config ?", "Will this PSU enable me to upgrade to Dual GeForce 8800 GTS or Dual Radeon X1950 XT equiv down the track ?", etc).

    8) - Tabris:DarkPeace
  6. We could build a "How to select the components for your PC" database.

    From PSU / Case, CPU, Video Card, RAM, Mainboard, HDDs, Audio, Mouse + Pad, Keyboard, Monitor / TFT, (NICs if any), Optical Drives, FDD, Card-Readers (USB ones and others), IEEE / Firewire / USB, etc

    - Assist with BIOS and Firmware flashing
    - PSU selection (it is too overlooked), and oft viewed as a cost cutting part
    - Maybe common devices, like Camera's people have, or have access to / info on, Joysticks, etc
    - RSS setup, ala:
    - 4 GB 'Address Space' and how it works, etc
    - SLi / Crossfire help

    Rank each product, get a sort of 'open source' psuedo-magazine going.

    Welcome more people to the forums, and really get them going in the right direction from the word go.

    I got 100 - 1,000+ related ideas to catalog, but gradually getting there. (Prob a few duplicates).
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