x1950xt or 7950gt?

X1950XT for $300CAD?
7950GT for $270 - $20 MIR

I would've bought a 8800gts but i decided to lower my e6600 to e6300 and my vc
to get me a sub lan computer w/ 7600gs
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  1. X1950XT.
  2. X1950XT.

    Look at video chart...
  3. 1950XT
  4. x1950xt Ftw.
  5. Between those 2, yes, X1950XT. Just be aware that the stock cooler on the Sapphire is the same as the X1900XT, which is kind of loud. You could VF900/X2 it. Also, the drivers are a bit lacking right now, but this should be fixed soon.
  6. I just very near recentlly bought the Sapphire 1900 xt and it runs pretty much noiseless. I have seen the noise problem mentioned before about the afore mentioned card , but I have not seen the problem.
  7. What everyone else has said, though it runs hot (though a cooler card would mean lower performance). Get an Accelero X2 for it if you're concerned about heat or noise. It performs better than stock if at 100% (put it at 100%, it's no louder than Auto). If you're courageous, you could water cool it (but then there's a radiator, pump, tubing, ugh...)
  8. Yeah and I agree with that. Same complaints have been made about the X1800XT, but at stock speeds my Sapphire is one of the quietest fan cooled cards I've owned. 2D it's downright silent with RPM's under 30%. When they get noisy is when you overclock them and bump up the fan RPM manually, overriding Sapphires temp controlled RPM's. I've run it at 100% RPM for overclocking and that's horrible. Anything above 70% is too loud for me. Also of course, It would also depend on case and room temps too, but mine can game for hours without going over 50% RPM. And at that RPM it isn't badat all.
  9. Isn't it obvious?! The 7950GT has way more pixel pipelines! :wink: :lol:

    X1950XT for serious.
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