Problem seting up a SATA hard drive

Hey folks, I'm a complete noobie about all this, so some help would be greatly appreciated.

I just built a system from scratch, and I'm trying to get XP Home set up on a SATA hard drive.

The HD is a Western Digital and was OEM, so I didn't get a driver disk or manual. The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3. The HD was formatted, XP installed, and the computer rebooted. On reboot, I got a disk read error message. I tired installing the SATA2 RAID driver from Gigabyte's website, but that resulted in an infinite rebooting loop unless I put the floppy back in with the SATA2 RAID driver, and then it comes up with another error that "NTLDR is missing".

I am really at a loss as to what to do from here. Can anybody help? Please make sure to respond in doofus-talk so i can understand :P Thanks!
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  1. The SATA drive is the primary boot drive, and I've tried reinstalling and repairing my XP install a couple times now. It still gives me a disk read error.
  2. Fixed. The OS install wasn't the problem, it was a bad partition. Deleted the partition and started from scratch, and everything worked perfectly. Thanks for the help!
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