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My ICS isn't working!!!!! It was working before and now it's .... "kaput"! Can any one help me? Any networking guru's out there?

I run off of DSL, supplied by "MSN powered by Qwest". The modem is internal on the computer I'm using now. I have a hub and there are two computer's connected to it as of now. File sharing, LAN games, and general connecting to each other's computers works, just not ICS. On the other computer it even display's "Connected the MSN DSL" whenever this computer connects, but it still can't access the internet! HELP!

Ask if you need me to supply more info.
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  1. Try running the network wizard on the computers again and see if that helps. If you running xp you can try bridging the two connections to see if that helps.
  2. God I had qwest DSL for awhile and they try and curb connection sharring. Give them a call and ask if they have implemented anything since you last had ICS working.

    Will work IT for food. Seriously.
  3. I tried both of those. Running the network wizard and the bridging thing. Doesn't seem to help.

    If it matters, I recently installed a powerline ethernet to the network.

    ask if you need more information, be sure to ask!

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