Windows 7 installer keeps looking for a file i cannot find,it keeps poping up.

windows 7 installer keeps looking for a file i cannot find,it keeps poping up. Can I fix the installer some how ? Replace it or clear it
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  1. I don't want to insinuate anything, but if this is a bootleg copy, you won't get any help here.
  2. I have a new HP desktop computer. I put a great many programs on my computer. HP has a program for my printer which I installed and trouble ever since. HP solutions center is software that runs the printer ,copier, fax web printer. I was also putting some old programs that just did not work with windows 7. Some of the old programs just froze the computer up. I should just Do a complete recovery. But It took me three days to set my computer up to this point. Is the windows installer able to be cleaned or just that part reinstalled ? Sure hate to do the whole thing over again. I lost the file it wants to install and even if I put the printer cd in with the same name of the file it says not on disk in folder.
  3. lmb said:
    windows 7 installer keeps looking for a file i cannot find,it keeps poping up. Can I fix the installer some how ? Replace it or clear it

    What software are you trying to install, and what is the exact error message?
  4. bla

    time for a fresh install of windows (test all hardware first, backup everything you need and wipe your hdd and reinstall windows fresh)

    this really should be done every ~6 months for best performance and less issues
  5. apache you dont need to do it every six months

    there are ways to keep performence up and get rid of issues but its out of the scope of most users
  6. Let's think about that.... "I can't get this one obscure app to work. Oops! Better re-install Windows!"

    Eh, no. With proper maintenance, you can get by for a long time. I ran XP Pro for more than 3 years straight without needing to re-install.
  7. I love it when people ask for help with an intentionally cryptic question.

    Seriously, OP, what is the application you are trying to install? What is the file that windows installer is looking for? Maybe one or two details about your system that might be relevant?

    I'm thinking poster #2 (Hawkeye) is right.

    I suggest buying legit copies of the software you want to use. Should clean up your "problem."
  8. Ya all I have to do is reinstall what came with my computer . But it took me three days or so to do that. I take off and put on programs some do not work with windows 7. Sorry I paid $ 3,000 dollars for this computer in april . If you do not know anything about how to repair with out reinstall then just say so.
  9. I am fairly new to this forum in fact only joined today so bare with me if I am naive but I understand the posters question quite clearly, or perhaps I just think I do. Seems this poster purchased a HP Computer in April and as we all know when you purchase a brand name (and some home made) computers it includes the operating system. ERGO not a boot leg windows.
    As to the actual question I have seen this issue before actually with some printers. What I do need to know is do you have the printer connected to the system while you are in the win install? If so disconnect it from the system it may be incompatible with Win 7 or may simply need to be installed separately with its own installer. Was the Printer disconnected well something is telling the win installer to install it so my thoughts are perhaps you have a printer card inside your system like a scsi card if so remove the card during the win install and trouble shoot a way to reinstall it later perhaps a fix from the printer's manufacture.
  10. Again, you are asking for help but not providing any information.

    What is your exact computer, model number etc.? Win 7 64 bit or 32?
    What is the file it is trying to find?
    What are the exact programs you are having problems with? (old printer program is not specific). If it is a printer what is the printer model #? What are the drivers installed? Did you have Win 7 drivers for it.
    Is HP solution center giving you problems? You haven't actually clearly stated that or if your problems just began at the moment? In any case you can uninstall HP solution center completely and see if the problem goes away. Maybe you need to download a compatible version from HP?

    In any case. If you want actual help you need to give us information. You've posted 3 times and still haven't given us the basics.
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