Intel 965P + ICH8R/ICH8 Motherboards. PLEASE help

Hello. Basically I don't need SLI/CrossFire support in the system I'm currently building, so I concluded that the 975X chipset from Intel is NOT for me. If someone has any kind of comments please reply. So finally I decided to take a quick glance at the 965 series of chipsets from Intel. Both 965Q and 965G include a graphics chipset onboard so you can imagine that's not what I need. I opted for the 965P chipset for this system. The processor is the Intel Core 2 Duo E6600. The thing is, I'm not sure what motherboard manufacturer/Motherboard model to pick. There are a few from Giga-Byte (GA-965P-DQ6, GA-965P-DS3, GA-965P-S3), a few from Asus (the P5B series of motherboards) and there's one more from MSI Computer, namely the P965 Platinum. I would like a suggestion about all this. If someone could recommend some other chipset (better than the 965P but not 975X because I don't need its features) I would be greatful. Please note that SLI/CrossFire support is not needed in my case. I'm just going to drop a 8800GTX from XFX in this system and that's it. Also, if you have another suggestion outside of the of motherboards that I listed please reply. Do me a favour and help decide :)

PS: Price does not matter.

EDIT: The 975X chipset might be OK as well, but considering that it still uses the old ICH7*** Southbridge, I don't know what to say...
Maybe someone with a batter knowledge can help me.
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  1. First of all do you plan on OCing? Secondly the 975 works best with the E6600 so if price is not a problem then go with that. A very nice card is the P5W DH or if thats too expensive then you might wanna go with the gigabyte S3.
  2. Go with either the Asus p5b platinum or the MSI p965 platinum, they are bouth great boards with high overclocking potential.

    Don't forget good ram and a healthy power supply.
  3. Blaaah!

    Intel board
    GMA X3000 :tongue:

    Should have sprung for a real board and a low end card.

    Intel boards kinda suck
  4. Quote:
    Go with either the Asus p5b platinum or the MSI p965 platinum, they are bouth great boards with high overclocking potential.

    the MSI isn't a great overclocker - the Gigabytes & Asus are in a different class there.

    The Beast we really need to know not only will you overclock but what features you do need to make confident recommendations ...
  5. Aye. thanks for the replies. I felt asleep 'till like 1 hour ago. Basically I'm going to go with ASUS (yes, unbelivable). I say unbelivable because I do not trust ASUS at all. I had two different products from them, both failed. First, a cd writer, back in 2000 which went bad after 1 month and after that there was a fx5900 videocard which I still have but it's dead. The fan on the GPU chipset died one night (stopped spinning) and the thing overheated. No ashes tho :lol: After this episode I swore to God that I'm never going to touch ASUS again. NEVER. But i might change my opinion.
    So as I as saying, I'm going ASUS this time, I think. I'll do some more research and then I'll post a final configuration or something similar. take care guys.
  6. If you haven't already made your purchase you may want to consider the new Abit board, the IB9.

    Abit IB9 Overview

    It's very basic but also doesn't have lots of bells and whistles that could break. It's a new second generation board for people looking for stability but not necessarily overclocking or RAID.

    I'm going out on a limb and have just ordered the Asus P5N-E, the new nForce 650i board to use with a 6600. If it goes fubar I'll probably switch to that Abit board.
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