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I was wondering could i use the full potential of the ATI radeon7000 64mb ddr 64-bit agp4x graphics card on my Pentium3 1ghz PC with a 256mb of ram?
I know that my question is lost in time today, because it's already the world of dual core CPU's, ddr4 ATI gpu's, but i just wanna play warcraft3 and other great games of the past.
My current graphics card sux a lot!
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  1. I believe so. This is first generation Radeon, circa 2001. Pentium IIIs that reached and surpassed 1GHz ruled the desktop market in that time. I seriously doubt your being bottlenecked by the CPU.

    And you're not alone, I still have a Dimension 4100 (from 2001) that must suffice until my dad and I get this new build we have going. I usually take a shower while it loads Win XP. :D
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